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Quote from DwDMindCrack:

DwDNPC is easy to install. All you need to do is drop it into your plugins folder with no configuration needed! DwDNPC is highly Lightweight using barely any resources! How can it get any easier, wait we will tell you, just a couple of commands for adding, removing, reloading & setting aware radius for your NPC statue! More advanced tweaking can be done for mob types and messages to make your NPC talk!

Now Supports Mob Type NPCs!

Grab a Dev Build to run with CB 1.5.1!

Please be sure you do not mix cb versions. This plugin is highly dependable on the CB version. Mixing WILL cause errors!

CB ReleaseBukkit Release1.4.7-R1.0
Soft DependencySoft DependencyMultiWorld, MultiVerse, VanishNoPacket
Development BuildsDevelopment BuildsJenkins CI(1.5.1 Dev #3)
Soruce Code (BitBucket)Source codebitbucket


These are just a few of the many things DwDNPC has to offer, more coming soon!

  • Creation of any Player username!
    • Does in fact show that users skin, if Premium
    • Multiple NPC's with same name (v2.0.0+)
      • Each NPC is identify by a unique ID
        • Right-Click (with nothing in hand) to determine NPC ID
  • Added ability to create Mob type NPCs (v2.3.0+)
    • Creepers
    • Zombies
    • Skeletons
    • Sheep
    • Cows
    • etc...
  • Set Armor to an NPC (v1.2.0+)
    • You can place armor on any PLAYER NPC (not a mob-type) by right clicking with the armor in hand
    • Right click with the *same* armor to remove that armor piece (v2.5.1+)
  • Set the item in hand (v2.5.0+)
    • NPCs can hold anything you can hold. Just right click them while holding an item and the NPC will hold it too.
    • Right click with the *same* item the NPC is holding to remove the item in hand (v2.5.1+)
  • Add 1-liner chat messages to make your NPCs talk! (v2.2.0+)
    • Customizable radius per NPC for triggering message
    • Includes variables like {world}, {npc}, {name}
  • Very low resource demand!
  • Easy setup
  • Metrics Support



The most common questions I am asked about this plugin.

  • What's the difference between DwDNPC and Citizens?
    • Citizens is a full blown NPC plugin with advanced features like paths/waypoints and even custom RPG type characters, among a lot of other things. DwDNPC doesnt have all these extra bells and whistles and I, and most probably you, dont need and will never use. Thus making a slimmer plugin that runs smoother and faster and uses way less resources. This is as basic as you can get while still having minimal interaction (look at players & chat messages) with the NPCs.
  • Can I use custom skins from my harddrive/url/etc?
    • Unfortunately, no. I used to support Spout which allowed such a thing for the Spoutcraft client, but I removed it some time ago when everything moved forward to MC 1.4.x without the Spout team. The MC client is programmed to load the player skin from the MC servers when the player is spawned. There is no way for me to override this via server side. If you need a custom skin you must use a premium username that has the skin you want attached to it.
  • How do I do <fill in the blank here>?
    • Please have a look at the Commands & Permissions page (linked at very top) to get some basic instructions. I will be redoing all the instructions to make them more clarified when I release 3.x version of DwDNPC (hint, everything is changing with 3.x)
  • I found a bug!
    • Sweet deal! I cant find every bug that finds it way into the plugin, and this is where you guys can help. Just click on the "ticket" link and the very top of the page (in the Bukkit links section) and report it so I can become aware of it and start working on a fix for it. If you just put a comment on this page I may lose track of it or even go days without ever seeing it. So use the ticket system if you want a timely fix/response to the situation.
  • I want <fill in the blank> feature to be added!
    • This is another thing that can actually be done with the ticket system (linked at very top of page under the BukkitDev logo). The ticket system helps me keep track of things without them getting buried by comments in the comments section. I also get notified by email when a ticket is created, so I will be able to see it and respond quicker. Keep this in mind though, DwDNPC is not planned to replicate the Citizens plugin, so asking for Citizens features (like questing system) will most likely get denied. If you want Citizens features that DwDNPC lacks, then use Citizens.

ToDo List

This list is constantly changing depending on user demand.

  • Add ability for NPCs to hold items (including weapons)
  • Add ability for NPCs to use enchanted armor/weapons (not just normal ones)
  • Add ability for NPCs to wear COLORED leather armor
  • Add in-game commands to control mob-type
  • Add in-game commands to control messages
  • Add in-game ability to remove armor from NPC
  • Add easier methods for editing NPC in-game
  • Add support for ProtocolLib as dependency

Found a bug?

Please report any and all bugs you may find. I cant fix what I dont know is broke ;)

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