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Want players to be ranked up on a certain amount of kills? You've come to the right plugin. You can make this count Mob kills and/or PvP kills! Compatible with all major permission plugins (that support Vault)

Plugin VersionVersionRankUpOnKills-2.1
CB ReleaseBukkit Release1.4.6-R0.3
RequiresRequiresVault (Without Vault 'RankUpOnKills' will disable on its own!)
Development BuildsDevelopment BuildsJenkins CI
JavaDoc (API)Javadoc APIjavadocs
Soruce Code (GitHub)Source codegithub

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  • Rank up players on how many kills they have!
  • Editable in config
  • Supports all major permission plugins
  • Check your progress or another player's progress
  • Set required mob kills, and required player kills per rank.
  • Option to combine the kill count of both player and mob kills

To do

  • Display Level in XP Bar Or Scoreboard
  • Specific mobs to rank up
  • Multiworld based ladders
  • Multipliers?
  • - Suggestions?


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