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Latest Stable Version: v0.4
Latest Dev Version: [none]
Source Code:
[Continued by MYCRAFTisbest]

This plugin allows you to have 8 gyms, each with a name, leader, and badge. Gym leaders can award badges to "trainers". Works with permissions. Have fun!
First a leader sets up a gym by using the /pg set... commands. Then the leader creates a challenge (like a maze or you fight the leader). Once you "beat" the leader/challenge, the leader uses the command to award you the badge! Presto! That's how it works!

When updating from one version to another, DO NOT DELETE THE *.bin FILES OR THE FILE!!!! If you delete the *.bin files, all badges awarded will be LOST FOREVER. When you update, delete the jar, and the file. All that should be left is a folder that is called "PokemonGym" and inside a bunch of *.bin files and a *.properties file. To update, simply drag and drop the jar into the /plugins/ folder and restart your server. It will regenerate the new file and any needed new *.bin files added in the update. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


  • Make gyms with a name, leader, and badge
  • Award badges
  • Up to 8 gyms
  • Get a prize after you get all 8 badges
  • Have an Elite Four
  • Get a prize after the Elite Four

PokemonGym.setbadge - can use /pg setgymbadge
PokemonGym.setname - can use /pg setgymname
PokemonGym.setleader - can use /pg setleader
(only gym leaders can use /pg awardbadge)
PokemonGym.forcesave - can use /pg forcesave

Bukkit Permission nodes (built in permissions):
PokemonGym.usecommand - allows them to use any command
(still working on this. I had other things to work on at the time but soon, the nodes will be the same)


/pg help - shows help
/pg setgymname [gym number (1-8)] [name]
/pg setgymleader [gym number (1-8)] [leader name]
/pg setgymbadge [gym number (1-8)] [badge name]
/pg awardbadge [gymnumber (1-8)] [trainer to award to]
/pg checkbadges - check what badges you have
/pg forcesave - forces the plugin to save badges and settings


  • Add more support for superperms (bukkit permissions)
  • Highest Priority: Combine all 12 bin files, into one bin file [v0.5]
  • Add Elite Four [v0.4]
  • (Possibly) Integrate with PokeBlocks to have an OPTIONAL pokemon battle instead of a "challenge" that the Gym Leader makes
  • OPTIONAL MySQL/SQLLite database storage instead of flat file [MySql will not be suppoerted]
  • [Any more suggestions?]


Sneak Peak at Next few versions
Version 0.5 - 0.6

NOTE: Hello, my name is MYCRAFTisbest, i will cotinue to update this plugin, but jTrain receives full credit for starting this plugin and Pokemon gets credit for the idea jTrain bassed it off

[NOTE: This will come out for the CB RB for MC 1.3.2 and Tekkit 1.1.2]
- Change the human mob for the last elite four challenge to Enderman (definatly in 0.5)
- Combine all bin files into one (may not be till 0.6)
- Add experience! The more experience you have, the better you are! You get experience by beating gym leaders(definatly in 0.5)
- Add levels! You gain levels by gaining experience! (may not be until 0.6)
[expected to come out with 0.5 and 0.6 during september, and stable version by the end of October!(or early November)]
Version 0.4

- Last version by jTrain
- Added Elite Four YAY! :)
- Added *.bin files: haselite1 through haselite4
- Fixed minor bugs with the prize system
- Adjusted code for the prize system
- Created a new settings file - /plugins/PokemonGym/
- Moved auto-save and prize settings from the config file to the settings file
- Added options in the settings file to enable/disable the EF, enable/disable prizes, and set the prize id's/amounts
Older Versions:
Version 0.3

- Added a prize at the end with a sign that says "[PG]" on the top line
- Added automatic saving in case your server unexpectedly doesn't save correctly
- Fixed a few bugs, not major
- works with CB #1060

Version 0.2
- Fixed an error where it doesn't award badges. Update ASAP
- Fixed more fatal errors
- Added the checkbadges command
- Added automatic saving

Version 0.1
- Initial Release