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Light up your surroundings just by holding a torch


MCstats This data is used to check the amount of people using the plugin. Its sole purpose is so that I and others may visually see the success of the plugin. You may turn it off if you prefer.

Great for Hunger Games and Survival servers

Created for my tekkit server: RWtekkit (R.I.P.)

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  • Use a torch without placing it (editable in config)
  • Emit light from boots (editable in config)
  • Emit light from helmet (editable in config)
  • Client side glowstone follows underneath the player
  • Turn light devices on/off with a command (editable in config)
  • No client side resources (like spout) needed
  • Supports Tekkit and detects it automatically
  • Left-Click to revert a block manually
  • Trick-or-Treat mode (more info below)
  • When I join the server, the game will notify you that I created the plugin

1.7.10 Compatible!


1.2.5 Compatible!


  • Any Permission Plugin


  • RWtl.allow -Lets the player use the plugin
  • RWtl.boot -Allows player wear boots to emit light (if RWtl.allow is in use)
  • RWtl.halloween -Activates Trick-or-Treat mode (without RWtl.allow, no light is emitted, but cookies are still provided)
  • RWtl.helmet -Allows player wear a helmet to emit light (if RWtl.allow is in use)
  • -no longer has purpose
  • RWtl.torch -Allows player to use a torch to emit light (if RWtl.allow is in use)


  • BLANK_Use: true/false Will toggle use of the feature written in the place of BLANK
  • BLANK_Item: # Will set the id of the feature defined by BLANK to the number defined by #
  • Command_Off: true/false Should the player have to use a command (/torch) to turn lights on, or should it be automatic (off = no command)
  • Light_Block: # Defines block that will appear when a BLANK item is used.
  • Meta_Data_LB: # Defines the item's meta data (for black wool [35:15] the meta data is 15)
  • Trick-or-Treat mode: true/false Enables/Disables Trick-or-Treat mode
  • Chance of Cookie: # How often a player gets cookie(s) from Trick-or-Treating (every time they move) 0 = off
  • Number of Cookies: # Will give the players a random amount of Cookies from 1 - # (when Chance of Cookies occurs)
  • Check for updates: true/false No longer has purpose (Formerly checked for updates and only remains for old version compatability)


/Torch -toggles the light emmiting devices (has a glitch that leaves last block on ground) (right-click block to revert)

HALLOWEEN Trick-or-Treat mode usage

  • First equip a pumpkin to the helmet slot
  • Then walk around you will notice a redstone lamp will follow beneath you
  • After that, if Cookies are in use (see config) the following will happen
  1. You will get cookies after a while of roaming around with the pumpkin on
  2. The number of cookies varies from 1 - 4 (or whatever was defined in config)
  3. A message will tell the player they got # cookies




CURSE NETWORK's (BukkitDev managers) Plugin Spotlight (Written review) [V-1.H2]:


WOOPA GAMING (Woopa's gonna woop) [V-1.H2]:



If you want to make a better video, go ahead and I will put it here.


  • Up to 5 different items that can emit light (3 of 5 so far)
  • Manual reloading (for the one client only)
  • The more torches you hold, the greater the light
  • Water dilutes light
  • Perm node to allow the torch work in your main inventory (or similar) (to allow for better PVP)
  • Ability for torches to melt ice and snow
  • Experimental light without block tests are being done (no more glowstone)

Known Bugs:

  1. May cause end spawnpoint to be random in 1.5 and above (fixed?)
  2. Can walk across water/lava when holding "SHIFT" (Thanks AfroChikken)
  3. Sometimes glowstone fails to revert on the client(log off and on to fix) Rare plugin conflict. Re-investigating
  4. Blocks with high secondary numbers (tekkit and mods only)(fixed for tekkit, but some non-tekkit mods will still cause this) like 60:48 or 10:995 create mini-client side chunk errors
  5. Pointless error reports with slabs and lillypads
  6. Certain blocks turn to glowstone (mostly newer blocks)
  7. When using the new /torch command, the glowstone block will remain once turning it off (until right-click or turned on)
  • based of Lantern 0.1 and TorchLight+

Source is in the jar file (not necessarily that version of the plugin)

Special thanks to all those who donate


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