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With the DiaPusher plugin you can press with the help of pistons coalblocks to diamonds. It works in every direction and with every minecraft server version :D

Features of version 2.0: new coal states between coal and diamonds

2.1: you can burn char coal to coal

How to use: Set two pistons against on floor, two coal blocks between them. Then power the pistons and you´ll get a diamond. It also works standing, but don´t blockade any pistons, because maybe it wouldn´t work.

over 333 Downloads :D


press coal into diamonds

More examples :D

text on sign: DiaPusher: coal -> dias

Testet with Craftbukkit 1.7.2 R0.3

Commands, Permissions, and Configurations for V2.0 (Version 1.0: none)

CoalStatesname1//name2//name3sets the ingame names for the steps between coal and diamonds - more names = more needed blocks: 2^n
CoalStates-diaBlocktrue/falseget at the end diamond block instead of diamond?

Mein Youtubekanal :D (who do not unstand, what that means can search for my earth presentation video :D)


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