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PlayerExp allows players to spend XP that they have earned in the game on increasing their skills and unlocking special abilities. The plugin is fully customisable and can be translated into any language using the messages.yml config file.


You can increase you skills in melee, archery, defence, mining or experience. All skills are set to 100 (no extra effect) by default. Using the commands a player can level these skills up in increments of 10. Special abilities also use the skill points to set special abilities ticks of effect on other Players and Living Entities.

  • Melee - Increases damage by sword (and increases ticks of special ability effects)
  • Archery - Increases damage by arrow (and increases ticks of special ability effects)
  • Defence - Decreases damage from all Damage Causes
  • Mining - Increases durability of tools
  • Experience - Multiplies experience naturally gained

Special Abilities

All special abilities have a customisable cool down period and unlock level. The cool down is set in server ticks and when set to 0 has no cool down period. Unlock Level can be set between 0 and 10000. If below 100 ability can be used be default, otherwise the player must earn the ability through levelling up skills. To activate a skill you must select an appropriate tool such as Diamond Sword for Fire Blade or Poison Blade and "Right Click Air" to cycle through unlocked abilities.

  • FIRE_BLADE - On damage sets Living Entity on fire when using a Sword
  • POISON_BLADE - On damage poisons Living Entity when using a Sword
  • FIRE_ARROW - On arrow hit Living Entity sets on fire
  • POISON_ARROW - On arrow hit Living Entity poisons Living Entity
  • EXPLOSIVE_ARROW - On arrow hit Living Entity explodes
  • CONFUSION_ARROW - On arrow hit Living Entity confusesLiving Entity
  • BLINDNESS_ARROW - On arrow hit Living Entity blinds Living Entity


  • XP - Amount of XP required for first level up of skill
  • Multiplier - Multiply XP * amount skill levelled up. Set to 1 to turn off


Messages can be configured in the messages.yml file into any other language or just rephrased. "#" represents the variable input into the sentence.

Commands & Permissions

/pxp [level] [melee, archery, defence, mining, experience] pxp.user.[melee, archery, defence, mining, experience]

/pxp [melee, archery, defence, mining, experience] [player] [value] pxp.admin.[melee, archery, defence, mining, experience]

/pxp [stats] (player) pxp.user.stats (pxp.admin.stats)




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