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Netstats is a plugin that watches each player's activities and saves it to their own stats file while running an internal server which is used by web clients to ask for player stats.

Plugin Version: v5.0.4

Web Version: v3.0 (Work In Progress)

*** Alerts ***

Updated: Feb. 10, 2012

v5.0.4 is out! Web client coming next.


  • Monitors player online/offline status
  • Keeps track of when they were last on the server
  • Tracks total time they've been online
  • Tracks player's last used IP address
  • Tracks number of blocks broken
  • Tracks number of blocks placed
  • Tracks number of times the player has died
  • Tracks total distance traveled by the player
  • Tracks number of monsters killed
  • Tracks number of players killed
  • Tracks when the player first joined the server (after Netstats was installed).
  • Auto-generating/Auto-updating config
  • Tracking control (you choose what you want to be tracked)
  • Multi-world support
  • Reload-friendly
  • Supports any language that can send JSON via HTTP POST
  • 100% Java standard compliant


<> = required option, [] = optional, | = or, <command> = netstats or ns
/<command> stats - Shows list of stat names
/<command> get:config <option> - Gets config value
/<command> set:config <option> <value> - Sets config value
/<command> get:stat <stat>[,stat...] | all <player> - Get one or all stats of player


/netstats get:stat broken valrix
/ns get:stat placed,broken valrix
/ns get:stat all valrix

Config File Explained

KeyDefault ValueMeaning
admin<blank>Username of admin's character
delay30Time in seconds until all player data is saved to disk
port9999Port to start the Netstats server on
iptrueTrack the player's IP Address
brokentrueTrack when a block is broken
placedtrueTrack when a block is placed
deathstrueTrack when a player dies
mobstrueTrack when a player kills a mob
playerstrueTrack when a player kills another player
distancetrueTrack distance a player travels

Author's Notes/Warnings

  1. Don't use plugins that allow you to "roll back" any changes to the server. This will mess up all your stats!


Planned Plugin Updates

  • Multi-language support

Planned Web Updates

  • Re-write to work with new system
  • Personal stat pages

Plugin Changelog

Version 5.0.4

  • Improved memory usage by removing more repeated strings and numbers
  • Fix a typo in the JSON builder
  • Fixed/improved command handling
  • Improved documentation

Web Changelog

Version 2.1

  • Some code cleanup and fixes as well as a better auto-updater that makes sure that the updater is the latest version before doing the actual update process.
  • Localization support for 7 different languages.
  • File name changes to be more Netstats-specific which will prevent clashes of CSS and other pages.
  • Better include() and require() calls so a page is only added once which speeds up all the pages and keeps them from destroying each other.