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494 Downloads Last Updated: May 3, 2014 Game Version: CB 1.7.2-R0.3


NachGrappler is a simple and lightweight plugin for PvP and used to add fun grapples to the game. You can use them in all sorts of situations, the most well known being that you need to get away from another entity or enemy quick. This plugin is perfect for that!

How does it work?

NachGrappler basically changes the use of the fishing rod in game to a grapple. It works the same way as the fishing rod but instead of using it into water, just throw the hook onto land and right click. It will shoot you towards the hook. The more verticle the hook is to the players entity, the better it will work. It is great for a quick get away in a PvP battle.


No commands are currently needed. If you wish to use the grapple, craft one if you are in survival with sticks and string OR if you are in creative, just grab a fishing rod from the creative inventory! It will be ready to go straight away!


No permissions are currently needed due to the fact that there are no commands. This plugin is still in development, however. The next update I will add more features including commands and permissions.

It's that simple, really! This is my second bukkit plugin I have decided to try and upload to bukkit, I am currently working on bigger projects, but I am not going to give to much away!

I will be adding more features as soon as I can :)


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