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NachAnti-Curse is a simple lightweight plugin which simply clears your chat of swearing! We all know that swearing is bad on MineCraft servers due to several reasons. The most well known being is "CyberBullying". We all hate bullies. If you don't what these people on your servers, this is the plugin for you!

How Does It Work?

This plugin works by configuration settings. You can choose what words you want to add as a swear word. Once these words are in, it will stop the swearing as soon as you reload the server (/reload - Essentials). If the player does have one of the swear words set in the configuration, the message will not be sent to the other players and will not available for anyone to see. Once the player has said the message, a bot in this plugin will automatically send them a messaging saying "Don't Swear!".

Why is this plugin helpful?

This plugin is brilliant as it can solve many problems. Cyberbullying, people think things like this only happen through social networking sites, but no. Minecrafters whose only purpose is to come on servers, meet nice people, build awesome structures and of course kill creepers, can be targeted my cyberbullies anytime. Of course cyberbullying comes with swearing. This plugin will stop things like that from happening with words that YOU can set in the configuration. Think about your players, if these Minecrafters get bullied, they won't come back on to the server to enjoy themselves because these people are stopping them.


This plugin does not have any permissions. In the next version, I promise to add a "by-pass" permission and those necessary for the plugins.


This plugin does not have any commands. In the next version, I promise to add an "/antiswear log" permission that will show you who has been swearing and who hasn't and all those necessary for the plugins.


1. Download the plugin

2. Drag 'n' drop the plugin in the "plugins" folder in your server folder.

3. Restart the server.

4. Set up your configuration by adding words you wish.

5. Reload the server

6. ENJOY a SWEAR FREE server!


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