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You have never seen your Wolves this awesome before!
*    Dogs teleport upon chunk-unloading, so the Dogs can follow their owner. Requires the Dog to not sit (all other Tameables can also be set to teleport on chunk-unload in the config).
*    500+ randomly generated names.
*    Dogs can gain experience and level up by killing mobs.
*    Dogs get more health and deal more damage the higher level they reach.
*    A command to view a Dogs stats.
*    Update color of Dog's nametag when their collar gets coloured.
*    Puppies, from breeding two Dogs, become Dogs as well.
*    Configurable all the way from the sound on LevelUp to the messages displayed (excluding error messages for now...)
*    Add inventory to Dogs, so they can wear armor and take less damage.
Help! My dogs teleport on chunk unload, even though they are sitting!
Yes, I'm sorry. I have yet to release version 0.1.1, but on the GitHub Releases page (or click Source up above), there is a pre-release for version 0.1.1 fixing this issue. Be aware, since this release is made directly from the source code, and is not approved by Bukkit!
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