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MTWL is no longer maintained

MCLink is our recommended alternative.


The plugin works independently of the Vanilla Whitelist, it should be turned off while using this plugin.


 What does this plugin do?

This plugin connects with Jaffa's Whitelist Site to allow a user to link their twitch account once and automatically gain access to servers using this plugin when the user is subscribed to the correct Twitch Streamers.


What is the state of the plugin?

Currently the plugin is in alpha. Banning functionality is missing from both the website and plugin. the website is also missing most of the administration functionality. You will need to contact me (Jaffa) to make changes such as adding a broadcaster to a server or getting setup.



/mtwl reload - Reloads the config file

/mtwl enable - Enables Twitch Whitelisting

/mtwl disable - Disable Twitch Whitelisting



mtwl.admin - Allows usage of reload, enable and disable commands

mtwl.bypass - Allows a user to bypass all of the below

mtwl.bypass.ban - Allows a user to connect even if they are banned

mtwl.bypass.list - Allows a user to connect even if they are not subscribed or statically whitelisted. - Allows a user to connect when the API is down even if uncached. WARNING: This may allow a BANNED or UNWHITELISTED user to join

mtwl.bypass.register - Allows a user to connect without linking their Twitch Account, this permission must be explicitly granted



Enabled - Enable/Disable Whitelisting

ClientID - Server API Key from website (Currently available via request)

ClientSecret - Server API Secret for API Key from website (Provided with API Key)

ChangeDisplayname - Enable/Disable changing display name to Twitch username

ChangeListname - Enable/Disable changing player list name to Twitch username

TryCacheOnFail - Enable/Disable using cached whitelist data when API is unavailable

KickOnFail - Enable/Disable kicking a player when API is unavailble and no cached data is available. WARNING: Disabling may allow a BANNED or UNWHITELISTED user to join


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