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Changes all item meta you want to!
Handles Display names, Lore, and Enchantments
Handles Skull owners, Leather coloring, and map scaling
Handles book authors, and titles
Ability to un-sign a book


/meta, /mh, /metahandlerShows the main help menu.
/meta item display set <Name>Sets the display name.
/meta item display clearResets the display name.
/meta item lore set <Line #> <Text>Sets the lore on that line.
/meta item lore del <Line #> <Text>Removes the lore on that line.
/meta item lore clearClears the lore
/meta item enchant set <enchantment> <level>Adds the specified enchantment.
/meta item enchant del <enchantment>Removes the specified enchantment.
/meta item enchant clearClears the enchantments.
/meta item clearClears the display name, lore, and enchantments.
/meta skull owner <name>Sets the skull owner.
/meta skull clearClears the skull owner.
/meta map scaling <true/false>Sets the map scaling property.
/meta leather color <color name>Sets the color.
/meta leather color <r> <g> <b>Sets the color.
/meta leather clearClears the color.
/meta book enchant add <enchantment> <level>Adds a stored enchantment.
/meta book enchant del <enchantment>Removes a stored enchantment.
/meta book enchant clearClears stored enchantments.
/meta book author <name>Sets the author.
/meta book title <name>Sets the title.
/meta book unsignUnsigns a signed book.


metahandler.*All MetaHandler commands
metahandler.itemAll item commands
metahandler.skullAll skull commands
metahandler.mapAll map commands
metahandler.leatherAll leather commands
metahandler.bookAll book commands


Possibly add fireworks support


We use metrics to collect stats! We only collect basic things such as version type, and players online. If you want to see everything, click on the graph. Go into /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml to disable stat collecting if you wish.


Contributions are accepted!

Dev Builds

Dev builds are builds of the plugin as they are made, updated everytime I make a change. You can find them here:


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