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Quote from SethBling:

DeathSwap is a PvP minigame that pits you against an opponent in survival Minecraft. After random intervals, you and your opponent will swap positions. Whoever dies first loses.

  • Fully automatic DeathSwap games
  • Multiple games at once
  • Customizable time between swaps
  • Lobby based or play with friends
  • Automatically creates game when 2 people join lobby
  • Random spawn location for each player
  • Make a join sign (pic)
/ds joindeathswap.joinJoin the lobby!
/ds leavedeathswap.leaveLeave the lobby/game!
/ds set <lobby/end>deathswap.setSet lobby and end spawn!
/ds duel <player>deathswap.duelPlay with a friend!
Admin permission node:deathswap.bypassAllow breaking of blocks in lobby
DeathSwap Payout

1. Set lobby and end spawn locations with /ds set <lobby/end>

2. Each player use /ds join the game or /ds duel <player> to play with a friend

3. Each player is teleported to a random location

4. On a customizable interval between 20 and 120 seconds, the player swaps locations

5. There is a 5 second protection period after each swap

6. Each player attempts to set up a trap so when the other player swaps they die

7. Whoever dies first loses!


This plugin has an extensive API, create your own extension and let hawkfalcon know to be featured here!

Optional Supporting Plugins

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