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Mc Kill Rewards


Mc Kill Rewards gives players rewards if they killed multiple enemies in a row without dying. This rewards can be items, experience points, levels, in-game currency or potions. You can also combine multiple rewards or give a player a random reward. If you want to add a money reward you also need to install Vault.


To use this plugin simply drop the jar file into your plugins folder. It will automatically create a default configuration which you can edit to your needs.

Multiworld support

Since 0.2 this plugin has multiworld support. If you want rewards to be available only in a single world go to the McKillRewards folder, create a file named "rewards-<world>.yml" and edit it like the default configuration. The rewards defined in this file will only be available in <world>.

If a player gets kills in one world these will not count in other worlds. If you want multiple worlds to count as one just edit worldGroups.yml in the plugins/McKillRewards folder.

Mob rewards

In 0.4 mob rewards were added. They work just as normal rewards, but with mobs that are specified in "mobs.yml". Mob rewards are saved in "mobrewards.yml" and "mobrewards-<world>.yml".


Any reward has a name, a number of kills and a type. Different reward types have additional information like the items if it is an item reward. You can also set a global message that player will see in the chat when someone gets a reward.Many features will be added in the future or do not work correctly yet.

For more information on configuration click here.


  • /rewards reload (<world>)
    • aliases: /rw reload (<world>); /mcrewards reload (<world>)
    • reloads the rewards for a single world or for all worlds if no world is given
  • /rewards reset (<player>)
    • aliases: /rw reset (<player>); /mcrewards reset (<player>)
    • resets the spree of a single player or all players if no player is given


  • mcrewards.rewards
    • needed to get the rewards
    • default value is true
  • mcrewards.admin
    • gives access to the /rewards command
  • mcrewards.*
    • all permissions combined


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