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Welcome to MC Arcade!


This is a plugin I am developing along side my YouTube series to add various arcade and video games into Minecraft!

I am doing this project mainly as a proof of concept to explore different mechanics and different ways to make these various games!

This project is just being started out and while I'm trying to do weird tricks and push limits, I am trying me best to make this still work with existing servers. Please let me know if there are any issues or bugs preventing this from working on your server of if this plugin effects anything outside the games them selves.


Games suggestions and improvements welcome!


Do note, the leaderboard system requires a local MYSQL Database be enabled. This is being worked on and is not 100% ready yet.





This Project and the Dev server are done in partnership with Nodecraft! Definitely go check them out for your server hosting needs by clicking the image below!

Nodecraft Partenership

Current Games List:

Brick Breaker









More coming soon!


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