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What is LootChest?

LootChest is a plugin similar to Borderlands 2 chest in sanctuary. This plugin allows players to gain keys (dropped by mobs or given with a cmd). And use said keys to open the corresponding chest.

LootChest can either give items (specified in a config) or it can run commands. (UseCommands = true/false in config).

Chest Types

There are four types of chests that can be configured to your liking:

  • Common
  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Legendary


  • LootChest.Create - Allows the /lootchest create command
  • LootChest.Give - Allows the /lootchest give command


  • /lootchest create <Common/Normal/Rare/Legendary> - This will create a LootChest at the next punched chest.
  • /lootchest give <playername> <Common/Normal/Rare/Legendary> <amount> - This will give the player the type and amount of keys specified.
  • /lootchest info - Basic information about the plugin.

Dependencies (You need these or the plugin wont work)

How to create a LootChest

  1. Place a chest
  2. Type /lootchest create <Common/Normal/Rare/Legendary>
  3. Punch the chest and it will create a LootChest.


  • Place LootChest.jar & HoloApi into your plugins folder
  • Reload/Restart your server.
  • Enjoy the plugin.

Config Help


Legendary Chest Legendary Loot Key


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