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EBugReporter the ultimate lightweight reporting plugin.

What it does:

EBugReporter is a simple to use light weight report tool. It is perfect for plugin developers that are live testing their plugin, or for server admins that need a little help finding bugs.

When a player types: /report bug <report msg> The plugin will send a message to all Ops and any player with the View permission. The plugin will then log the information within a Report config file located in /plugins/EBugReporter/Reports. If no Ops are online when a report is submitted they will be notified when they login that there are unread reports waiting.

When an Op or a player that has the permission List, types: /list The plugin will loop through all available reports and display them as either Read or Unread along with a number: Example: [0] UNREAD

When an Op or a player that has the permission Read types: /read <number> It will display the full bug report to the player that typed the command.


Drag n drop EBugReporter into the plugin directory of your server and either start or reload your server. The plugin will then create all necessary files and you are good to go.


  • /report <bug/player/glitch/hack> <message>
  • /reports - List reports (uses EBugReporter.List Permission)
  • /read <number>
  • /lang - Reloads Language file without the need of a server reload (you can also reload the server)


  • EBugReporter.View
  • EBugReporter.Read
  • EBugReporter.List
  • EBugReporter.ReloadLanguage

Setting up server language:

  • Open the LanguageFile.yml located in (/plugins/EBugReporter).
  • Change the language to either English(default), German, French or Spanish.
  • Save the LanguageFile.yml
  • Reload your server or type /lang in game.
  • Setup is complete your plugin language should be changed.

Future Plans:

  • Open to suggestions.

Up-To-Date Language File Link:

Language File

  • Now Includes Dutch!

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