Leashed Players

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Leashed Players

Walkin' my Minecraftian...


Right-click players with a leash to leash them! May get a bit of lag if a lot of players are constantly leashing each other, because I have to check every player on the server and see if they are being looked at.


To leash players and have them follow you around! To leash players you walk up to them and right click them while holding a lead.

Commands, Permissions, and Configuration?

There are no commands, but I may add permissions and configuration in future versions.

Can it do anything else?

Why yes! Yes it can!

  • Mobs or Players holing a leash that attack you leash you.
  • Shift+Right-Click allows something somewhat like WorldEdit. Except it's more like LeashEdit.

Why does it say something about MooLib?

It needs MooLib to run, I got a bit lazy with my onEnable. You can find MooLib here.

Seriously? This is the end?

This plugin isn't complex enough to have a longer structure.


Still no donate button? I'm disappointing...


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