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This little plugin allows you to set a zone your guests must stay inside. Very nice for making them read the rules etc.

How to install and use:
  1. Download the HoldGuest.jar file and place it in your plugin folder.
  2. Start your server and then stop it again.
  3. Edit the msgConfig.yml and the config.yml (the radius config can also be edited ingame).
  4. Start your server.
  5. Give the appropriate permissions to the different groups/players.
  6. Go to the middle of where you want the sphere to be created.
  7. Type /holdguest center
  8. Enjoy.
/holdguest centerSet the center of the sphere your guests must stay inside.
/holdguest radius <blocks>Set the radius of the sphere - How far will you let them wander from the center?
/holdguest reloadReload the configuration for the plugin
holdguest.noholdGive this to any group/player you don't want to hold inside the zone.
holdguest.setcenterPermission to set the center of the zone.
holdguest.setradiusTo set the radius of the sphere (zone).
holdguest.reloadTo reload the configuration.

You can edit all messages inside the msgConfig.yml


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