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Use this plugin to create rank ladders for GroupManager. GroupManagerPromote allows admins to create rank ladders that were so popular with PermissionsEx, a functionality long absent from GroupManager. This fixes GroupManager's missing functionality to put it closer to par with other permission plugins. Once promotion ladders are created, players can be promoted or demoted to a different rank based on their current rank through the use of a command. It is easy to install and requires minimal configuration. This plugin was made so that staff can easily promote other players and for Buycraft integration all with the use of ladders.

Promotion ladders have never been easier.


Copy the .jar file into your plugins folder to install the plugin. Then restart the server or use a plugin manager to load the plugin.


The following commands are available for the plugin.

CommandPermission NodeDescription
/manupromote <player> [ladder]gmp.promotePromote player using a ladder. Defaults to the "default" ladder if none specified.
/manudemote <player> [ladder]gmp.demoteDemote player using a ladder. Defaults to the "default" ladder if none specified.
/gmpgmp.adminRelload the config files


The following settings can be changed in the config.yml file.

  • promoteLadders - A section to map the promoted rank for each rank name ("before: after")
  • demoteLadders - A section to map the demoted rank for each rank name ("before: after")


This project is open source for your viewing pleasure here. However, the license is all rights reseverd, so please contact me if you wish to make modifications to it. Use the bukkit PM system to reach me.


Unlike other players who have a choice to play the game, my commitment to development and administration usually means I cannot and I'm fine with that choice. A lot of my free time is actually spent designing, developing, testing, and fixing plugins like this one to make Minecraft more enjoyful for all players. If you like this plugin, please consider sending me a donation by clicking the button below :) Thanks!



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