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GetInventory v1.5.1 - Real time inventory editor!


  • View someone's inventory in real time (online only)
  • View someone's Ender Chest in real time (online only)
  • Add/Remove items from their inventory in real time (Now with target mode!)
  • An easy way to look for illegal items
  • Working with all Permissions plugins
  • Target Mode - allows you to open inventories by right-clicking a person with a wand (configurable)

Commands and Permissions

  • /getinv help (/gi ?) - Shows the plugin commands
  • /getinv <name> - View someone's inventory
  • /getinv enderchest (ec) <name> - View someone's Ender Chest
  • /getinv target - Toggle Target Mode
  • getinventory.use - Allows you to use the plugin (default op)
  • - Allows you to open the help list (default op)
  • - Allows you to use the Target Mode feature (default op)
  • - Allows you to use the Target Mode to inspect a inventory (default op)
  • getinventory.use.enderchest - Allows you to use the Ender Chest feature (default op)
  • - Allows you to use the Target Mode to inspect an enderchest (default op)
  • getinventory.inform - You will be informed if someone opens your inventory (default op)



  • Target mode fixed and improved.


  • Updated to 1.6.2
  • Added new features
  • Added new permissions
  • Messed up Target mode and now it's not longer working


  • Added a new feature - You can now see what's in other people's Ender Chests
  • Added a new permission node
  • Removed the glitch from 1.3.1 which was causing server lag
  • Some changes in the interface
  • The priority of the plugin's actions is now set to minimal


  • Target Mode bug is now fixed.


  • Updated to 1.4.5
  • Implemented targeting system
  • Permission notes are changed
  • Added config file
  • Added a new permission node
  • Added a new feature
  • Added a new command - /getinventory
  • Fixed "/gi help" permission node
  • Removed OP protection
  • Bug Fixes

GetBundle (v2.2)

This plugin is a part of the GetBundle. The GetBundle contains:

Known bugs

  • You can't view/edit the gear slots (will be fixed in 1.6)

Thank you!

  • Thank you for supporting me by downloading and using the plugin!


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