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This plugin is not yet totally functionnal.


It's time to party ! More colors, more fun, this plugin will give you much more party soul ! Indeed, you can easily create beautifuls fireworks at night to replace to a spectacular and wonderful colors's concert your poor sadness land. Place a sign, power it and enjoy !


To use this plugin, you have to create a new sign, and write [Festival] on the first line. After, some choices are available.

Create a aleatory firework spawner

At the second line, write Aleatory...or anything else, this line will be replaced by aleatory if you not write correctly something on. You should have this :


Set the power of fireworks

If you have created an aleatory firework spawner, you can choose the "power" (height of explosion) here : type a not too big integer (between 0 and 6), thus aleatories fireworks will explode at your own height.

Create your own firework list spawner

This is not working yet.

You can create a sign and do so it fires your own fireworks with a custom firework list per signs :

  • To make it fires fireworks in your own order, type Order on the second line :


  • To make it fires your firework list randomly, type Random on the second line :


To add a firework to the list of a sign, type /festival add in the chat while aiming a sign and holding a firework to add it into. This is not necessary to fill the third line, your fireworks have already theirs height configured.

The last line will automatically contains your name to know who placed each sign. At last, signs will fire one firework per trigger.


To add a firework in a firework list of a Festival sign, aim it and hold in your hand the firework you want, then type /festival add in the chat to add it into.

To clear a firework list of a Festival sign, aim it and type /festival reset (because you can readd fireworks next).


  • festival.add : Allow a player to add a firework into a Festival sign.
  • festival.reset : Allow a player to reset the firework list of a Festival sign.
  • festival.sign.break : Allow a player to break a Festival sign.
  • festival.sign.create : Allow a player to create a Festival sign.

Coming soon

  • More permissions, for each sign type.
  • Own firework list signs should work.
  • Possibility to get set fireworks on right-click on a sign
  • Stop the server will not break all Festival sign (they are already on the world, but they cannot be used)

More informations

  • Nothing. Really.


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