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Uploaded by Khobbit
Uploaded Nov 3, 2012
Game Version CB 1.3.2-R3.0
Size 430.71 KB
Downloads 6,561
MD5 13511e100ef3002eba07bb56bf58e522
Supported Bukkit Versions
CB 1.3.2-R3.0


Change Log:

  • Updated for CB 1.3.2 R3
  • Update - Allows for kicking of hidden players
  • Update - Warn when banning a player who has never connected
  • Update - Delayed TP charges now will charge the person issuing the command, not the person being teleported
  • Bug Fix - Make sure /kill can kill players in creative mode
  • Bug Fix - Prevent stack traces when hack clients forge connection packets
  • Bug Fix - Fix kit and warp sign permissions
  • Bug Fix - Fix gamemode permission checks
  • Optimization - Less api calls on user lookups
  • Optimization - Less time wasted in string matching
  • New config setting: mails-per-minute - default 1000 - Limit number of mails the server will handle per minute.
  • Permission - essentials.home.bed - Required to use /home bed
  • Permission - essentials.vanish.pvp - Required to attack players while vanished

This is not updated for 1.4.2, although most functionality will work
Feel free to use the beta or development builds with 1.4.2