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Uploaded by Khobbit
Uploaded Mar 25, 2014
Game Version CB 1.7.2-R0.3
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MD5 839a9e31a85989a69030a68fa44d5d35
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CB 1.7.2-R0.3


This file is one part of the Essentials suite.
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Changes since 2.12.2:

  • Updated for CB 1.7.2-R0.3 Dev Build
  • New Feature - Allow server owners to disable safe teleport feature, useful for pvp servers.
  • New Feature - Allow silent login and quits
  • New Feature - Allow custom player join and quit messages
  • New Feature - Add some new events to EssApi
  • New Feature - Support for vanilla json-style format metadata in commands and kits
  • New Feature - Support for vanilla item names and json metadata
  • New Feature - Added /skull command which allows spawning or modifying player skulls
  • Update - Add extra Tl messages to /home messages including home counts
  • Update - Allow setting worth file durabilities to '*' to cover undefined item subtypes
  • Update - Allow item meta on [free] signs
  • Update - Merged /killall into /remove command, extended syntax allowing more customization.
  • Update - Cleaned up some debug error messages
  • Update - Added some more enchant aliases
  • Update - Various logic updates for 1.7.2
  • Update - Work around for OSX sign glitch, should fix signs till mojang fixes client issue.
  • Update - Reset exhaustion on /feed
  • Update - Add better maven support
  • Update - Add extra optional TL keys to teleport messages
  • Update - Better mobdata matching for zombies and skeletons with items
  • Update - Speed changes will persist on world change based on permissions
  • Update - Leave vehicles prior to teleport
  • Update - Allow passing customtext chapter as a variable
  • Update - A few API updates
  • Update - Translation updates
  • Bug Fix - ItemCSV update for 1.7.2
  • Bug Fix - Fix keyword parses to support more tags, and more tag names to avoid confusion
  • Bug Fix - Fix index errors in some commands
  • Bug Fix - Fixed /ignore to block tp requests
  • Bug Fix - Fix hidden groups in /list
  • Bug Fix - Fix backup scripts not running properly on large output
  • Bug Fix - Remove unobtainable items from items.csv to avoid confusion
  • Bug Fix - Checks command cost permissions prior to teleporting
  • Bug Fix - Fix some items.csv bugs with unusable items
  • Bug Fix - Fix skeleton spawnmob metadata to include bow
  • Bug Fix - Fix a few ghost items with /recipe
  • Bug Fix - Fix sign warp costs
  • Bug Fix - Address a file casing issue
  • Bug Fix - Fix death caused by flying near to the ground before logout
  • Bug Fix - Error Message with /home caused by bad player data
  • Bug Fix - Fixed using world names in /remove and other invalid values
  • Permission - essentials.silentjoin - Allow joining the server silently (requires config change)
  • Permission - essentials.silentquit - Allow silently leaving the server (requires config change)
  • Permission - essentials.msg.multiple - permission to allow /msg * <message>
  • Permission - - permission to allow /pay * <amount>
  • Permission - essentials.skull - Allow the /skull command
  • Permission - essentials.skull.others - Allow creating skulls belonging to other players
  • Permission - essentials.skull.spawn - Allows the spawning of a skull if a matching skull isn't in hand
  • Permission - essentials.skull.modify - Rebrand an existing player skull
  • Permission - essentials.signs.enchant.allowunsafe - Allow using a sign which contains a unsafe enchantment, even if the player is missing essentials.enchantments.allowunsafe

Changes since Pre 2.13.7:

  • Bug Fix - Fixed issue in some external plugins hooking teleport methods.