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Uploaded by Khobbit
Uploaded Sep 30, 2012
Game Version CB 1.3.2-R1.0
Size 430.70 KB
Downloads 6,317
MD5 3d58f7e82a7ded0dadd5cb42d7422eb8
Supported Bukkit Versions
CB 1.3.2-R1.0


Change Log:

  • Updated for CB 1.3.2
  • Update - Split EssentialsProtect into two plugins (the build stuff has been moved to EssentialsAntiBuild)
  • Update - Moved the warp, and kit permissions to use 'essentials.warps.<warpname>' & 'essentials.kits.<kitname>'
  • Update - Moved the world change perm check (disabled by default) to use 'essentials.worlds.<worldname>'
  • Update - Updates /gamemode aliases, and made them guess gamemode based on aliases (/gmc - creative | /gms - survival)
  • Update - /gamemode toggle (and /gmt) to toggle between gamemodes
  • Update - Default worth and itemdb file updates
  • Update - New items added to items.csv
  • Update - Better /ess debug debugging for permissions and cost checking
  • Update - If both freeze-afk-players and cancel-afk-on-move is turned on, cancel AFK on player jump
  • Update - /itemdb command shows item name aliases
  • Update - Force reset of fly/speed on world change
  • Update - Config file cleanup
  • Update - /enchantment command cleanup
  • Update - New colour theme for English translation
  • Update - /gc command now shows server uptime
  • Update - Removed op override for all essentials features (ops should still have all perms by default)
  • Update - God mode will now block potion effects
  • Update - /heal command will now clear potion effects
  • Update - Better errors on failed sign creation, and better compatibilty with other sign plugins
  • New command - /enderchest [player] - Allows you to open your or another players enderchest
  • New command - /speed <0-10> [player] - Allows you to change your fly speed
  • Bug Fix - Fix issues with console version of /warp
  • Bug Fix - Clean up mistakes in config.yml
  • Bug Fix - Fixed /msg, /pay and /kill dealing with 2 character names
  • Bug Fix - Handle /tjail's jail expiry a little better
  • Bug Fix - Fix /itemdb showing use remaining on none held items
  • Bug Fix - Fix EssSpawn/GeoIP join events to load at the same time as Core
  • Bug Fix - Teleport delay change, fix entity caching
  • Bug Fix - Fix console command logging
  • Bug Fix - Improved repair command cost check
  • Bug Fix - Switched chat formatting to use &r instead of &f
  • Bug Fix - Fixed min bukkit warning
  • Bug Fix - Fixed obscure config file mistakes crashing Essentials (kit/eco)
  • Bug Fix - Fixed ironore bug with spawning map types
  • Bug Fix - Fixed fly disabling from effecting creative users
  • Bug Fix - Fix problems with async chat event not sending messages to xmpp chat spy
  • Bug Fix - Fix delhome to follow home name conventions
  • Bug Fix - Fix format code wrapping in info/help/motd files
  • Bug Fix - Fix format code wrapping in ess chat messages
  • Bug Fix - Better handle wildcard perms and perm negation in superperms
  • Bug Fix - Fixed the kit and sign perm checks to use the same perms as the command
  • Bug Fix - Metrics errors wont spam as much
  • Optimization - Faster cost calculations
  • Optimization - Less useless permissions checks
  • New config setting: max-fly-speed - lets you set the max /speed
  • Permission - - same as build: true
  • Permission -<id>[:<datavalue>] - whitelist single interact block
  • Permission -<id>[:<datavalue>] - whitelist single place block
  • Permission -<id>[:<datavalue>] - whitelist single break block
  • Permission -<id>[:<datavalue>] - whitelist single item pickup
  • Permission -<id>[:<datavalue>] - whitelist single item drop
  • Permission -<id>[:<datavalue>] - whitelist single item craft
  • Permission - essentials.enderchest - Access to the /enderchest command
  • Permission - essentials.enderchest.others - Lets you look at other peoples enderchests
  • Permission - essentials.enderchest.modify - Lets you modify other peoples enderchests
  • Permission - essentials.kit.exemptdelay - Allows you to exempt from kit delays
  • Permission - essentials.speed = Access to the /speed command
  • Permission - essentials.speed.others = Ability to change the speed of another player
  • Permission - essentials.speed.bypass = Override max speed limits in config.yml
  • Permission - essentials.god.pvp = Unless you have this permission you will be unable to attack other players while in god mode
  • Permission - = Unless you have this permission you will not auto afk
  • GM - Numerous minor GM bug fixes