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ChestBank by ellbristow

PLEASE report all bugs and suggestions as tickets using the Bukkit ticket tracker above

IMPORTANT for users updating from before v2.1.0

Version 2.1.0 introduced a complete change to the how chest data is stored. Data is now stored in an SQLite database and no longer uses YAML (.yml) files. If you have a version of the plugin prior to 2.1.0 that was not using SQL for storage, please change your storage method to SQL BEFORE updating to 2.1.0

The Officialish ChestBank

A ChestBank is a chest that you can place items in, but no-one else can access. Everyone who opens the chest sees their own inventory. The inventory is shared across all ChestBanks, so you can access your account from multiple locations.

ChestBanks can be accessed via a physical ChestBank location AND/OR using the /chest command (depending on permissions)


  • 100% secure item banking system
  • Create multiple networks of ChestBanks that share inventories
  • Limit access to specific ChestBank networks by name (see permissions)
  • Limit the maximum number of item stacks a user can store in a ChestBank
  • Admin commands to snoop into other peoples accounts (use with caution)
  • A ChestBank in a single chest contains a double chest's inventory
  • Whitelist/Blacklist option to limit items allowed in the Chestbank
  • Optional creation and access fees (requires Vault)
  • Option to turn all ChestBanks into Ender Chests on creation
  • Access your ChestBank using /chest (permissions permitting)
  • Support for YML or SQLite, with a YML to SQLite converter for pre 1.11.0 updates
  • (SQLite Only) Delete any accounts where the player has not logged in for X days


Thanks go to luigi_vampa for his updated YouTube Review of ChestBank.


Put the JAR file in your /plugins folder, assign permissions and reload/restart.


See the < Configuration > page for details


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