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Broker is a trading plugin that allows players to buy and sell items to other players via a MMORPG style broker. What I mean by that is, the seller lists that they have an item to sell and specifies their price, a buyer browses through the sales orders (which they can do using a very clever virtual chest based browsing system) to find something they want to buy. The buyer buys, the seller receives their money.

Alternatively, the Buyer lists a Buy Order stating what they want to buy and the maximum they are willing to pay, and when a players has the item to sell, they can list it and the two orders are automatically matched up to each other!

This method will allow multiple players to list multiple items in ONE shop, where the buyer gets an easy to use interface for buying. This shop can be accessed either via commands or by right-clicking a [Broker] sign.


  • Easy Selling and Buying of items
  • Sell the item in your hand and set your price with one easy command
  • Express your interest in buying an item using Buy Orders
  • List admin store orders for infinite supply
  • Works with item economies by allowing multiple items to be listed for one price (1 Emerald for 16 items)
  • Visual interface for buying from the broker
  • Optional 'sales tax' charged to seller on completion of a sale (fixed rate or percentage)
  • Option to pay taxes to a player or list of players
  • Optional listing limit to avoid people using the broker for extra storage
  • Use commands or create a [Broker] sign to access the store
  • Automatically sell the item in your hand at the highest Buy Order price using an Auto Sell sign!
  • Trade with Villagers or directly with other players by crouching and Right-Clicking them
  • Use personal broker stores to list only items listed by one player (try a broker sign with a player's name in line 4)
  • Easy setup and configuration

It's difficult to describe the concept in detail so here's a video which helps:

(NOTE this video is based on a pre-release version and some aspects have changed)





By request, I've uploaded a screenshot of the buying interface. The paper on the bottom row of the chest inventory indicates the number of pages. Click them to change page. Click an item to see listed sell orders.


This plugin requires Vault and some form of economy plugin.

Installation and Configuration

  • Drop the JAR in your plugins folder
  • Restart your server/plugins
  • Edit the newly created config.yml (instructions in the file)
  • Restart your server
  • Have fun (Important!)


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