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BConomy a simple but powerful economy core plugin that can hopefully serve as a replacement for the aging iConomy plugin. BConomy provides a strong api that can be used to create your own plugins and addons. Please do send some feedback and feel free to ask any questions and additions you would like!


  • A simple but versatile api
  • Interest - pay those users for their dedication to your server
  • Full currency names e.g 1 coin, 5 coins etc
  • Sql and Sqllite support
  • Vault support - All standard economy plugins can use BConomy
  • Multiworld - Create multiworld groups so you can better control your economy

- Coming soon...


/moneybconomy.user.moneyCheck your own balance/bal, /balance
/baltopbconomy.user.topmoneyDisplay top balances on the server/topmoney, /balancetop
/pay <player> <amount>bconomy.user.sendmoneySend a player some money/sendmoney
/payall <amount>bconomy.user.sendallmoneySend all player some money/sendallmoney
/bconomybconomy.user.helpView BConomy commands available to younone
/wealthbconomy.user.wealthView some economic statsnone
Admin Commands
/givemoney <player> <amount>bconomy.admin.givemoneyGive a player some moneynone
/setmoney <player> <newbalancebconomy.admin.setmoneySet a players moneynone
/takemoney <player> <amount>bconomy.admin.takemoneyTake some money from a playernone
/purgemoneybconomy.admin.purgemoneyRemove all accounts with the default balancenone
/money <player>bconomy.admin.moneyShow another players balancenone

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