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Many servers like to use a kind of item based economy, where Gold Ingots or Emeralds can be converted into currency on a 1 Ingot:1 Dollar basis or similar. The problem we've had is that depositing and withdrawing can be cumbersome and confusing, since the only way to do it at the moment is to set up [Buy] and [Sell] signs (from Essentials), which people can easily get confused.

This plugin provides one interactive sign that can be used to deposit of withdraw a specified item in return for a credit of a specified quantity of currency.

For example, you could set the config to allow:

1 Gold = $1

1 Diamond = $100

1 Emerald = $1000

The plugin also supports up to 2 alternative item currencies, so your users can deposit (for example):

  • 1 Iron for 1 Dollar OR
  • 1 Gold for 10 Dollars OR
  • 1 Diamond for 100 Dollars

(Or whatever you configure it to)

Withdrawals will always give the first (main) item.

Signs are owned by their creator (or other player specified on line 4)

You can also set a deposit / withdraw fee to be charged to players using ATM signs. The fee can either be paid to the sign's owner or simply deducted from the ATM user. Fees can be either a fixed amount or a percentage (depending on config). Fees are fixed at one rate/percentage for all ATMs.

As of v1.3

Thanks to popular demand, you can now set a name for your items other than the default Bukkit name, so for example you can call a "GOLD INGOT" "Gold" and a "GOLD NUGGET" "Nugget", in fact you can call it whatever you like!

As of v1.5

Now all the new types of wood can be used for ATM Signs, and the config is now based on the item name rather than the old ID numbers. The item name is not case sensitive.



  • ONE ATM sign for deposits and withdrawls
  • Left-click the sign to pick your option
  • Right-Click the sign to interact
  • No database, no commands, very simple and lightweight plugin
  • Configure what item can be converted to currency
  • Allow deposits of up to 3 different item types
  • Configure how much each item is worth in currency
  • Charge a fee for using an ATM sign
  • Permissions for creating/destroying/using ATM signs


atmsigns.* : Can use, create and destroy ATM signs

atmsigns.use : Can use ATM signs

atmsigns.create : Can create ATM signs (and break own ATMsigns)

atmsigns.break : Can destroy anybody's ATM signs


  1. Place a sign
  2. Put [atm] in the first line
  3. (optional) Put the owners name in line 4
  4. That's it!


  • Scroll through menu options by left clicking sign
  • Right Click to activate option
  • When withdrawing, Right Click = Withdraw 1, Crouch + Right Click = Withdraw 10


There are no commands!


  • An economy plugin


Place the jar in your /plugins folder and reload!


Set your chosen item(s), currency value(s) and fee settings in the (newly created) /plugin/ATMsigns/config.yml

Default setting is:

item: "emerald"

currency: 1 (1 emerald = $1)

alt_item1: "none" (Disabled)

alt_item1_curr: 0 (No value)

alt_item2: "none" (Disabled)

alt_item2_curr: 0 (No value)

deposit_fee: 0.00 (How much to charge for deposits)

withdraw_fee: 0.00 (How much to charge for withdrawals)

percentag_fee: false (Set to true to charge a percentage rather than flat fee)

fee_to_owner: true (Sign owner receives the fees)

Server/Pack Usage

Sure, feel free to use it where you like!


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