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When a player stands still too long then the server broadcasts this message: <playername> has gone afk at X,Y,Z , and when the player come back and moves the server broadcasts another message saying that the player is no longer afk. This plugin could be for a raiding and grieving server. This plugin has a permission node, look below, or if you don't know how to use nodes then is plugin is configured so that ops will not be seen.

Example of what it does:

/afk Which will set the player AFK without releasing their cords
/setplayerafk <player_name> This command has a permission node or will default to op. This command is just for laughs, you can set a player afk and release their cords.

Permissions are finally here!
- afk.notseen
- afk.setplayerafk
- afk.command

Known Bugs

  • No bugs here!

Things to add to AFKCoords

  • Add a log.
  • Make a config for time that need to pass before they go afk.
  • Add a set player afk command: /setplayerafk <playername>
  • Add a command: /afk
  • Setup Permissions
  • Make a video on how to install and use it when done
  • Make a auto updater

Change Log:

Version 0.3 Release

  • Added a configuration file so the you can change the time that has to pass before the player goes afk.
  • Added a auto updater option in the configuration file, so that you can turn off auto updating.

Version 0.2 Release

  • Added a permission node for the afk command: afk.command
  • Also added a update notifier that will tell you if there is a new update in the server's log.

Version 0.1 Release

  • Added commands: /afk and /setplayerafk
  • Added permission for the commands above:
  • afk.setplayerafk

Version 0.1 Beta

  • Added Permissions: afk.notseen

Version 0.2 Alpha

  • Fixed problem with .yml file

Version 0.1 Alpha

  • Initial release

Contact Me:
I need your ideas please leave a comment about what you want to see in other updates.
If you find a bug or an error please pm me about it.


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