Tinkers Legacy: Armory Additions

The first of many expansions for the Tinkers Legacy addon! Provides a wide variety of new armor types, new helmet alternatives, and some passive effects... all achieved without the use of player.json!

I highly recommend you use this with the Armor Fix pack provided, as the vanilla armor model has issues that have not been resolved since armor was first added


Adds a full armor set for every Tinkers Legacy material... now with armor trim support!

Each armor set has unique stats, and even Chainmail gets some love!

NOTE: this addon REQUIRES Tinkers Legacy to function! MCPEDL- tLegacy


The custom helmets are mainly cosmetic, sharing their stats with their basic counterparts... but the Paladin Chestplate provides a boost in defense and a snazzy custom cape, bracers, and tassets, at the cost of it being a bit heavier to walk around in.

The ranger chestplate combines the utility of tLegacy's quivers, and the modded armor materials. Boasting the same capacity as the standard quiver, the only downside is that you need this in your chestplate slot for the quiver part to work.


Golden armor functions the same way as vanilla gold armor, making Piglins neutral towards you!



I got tired of the stretched textures, clipping, and z-fighting [ texture clashing ] on the vanilla model, so I fixed all of the vanilla armor models!

Left is vanilla, right is my fixed model... works with all texture packs that don't change the armor model!


This pack is available as both a standalone fix, as well as a library file for other creators to use!