Saturn 5 - Replica (Stock)


Saturn V - Replika

Yes i know, you think right now: Oh no, not one more Saturn Rocket, we have enough of this…!
You have right, but in never stock version i see an Rover or Mirror and if yes, they are to big or ugly for me (sry for this xD).


- Achieve an Low Kerbin Orbit (75/80 Km) with the first three stages
- Coupling Lander and Service Module together
- Fly to an Low Mun Orbit (~30 Km)
- Transfer 2 Kerbals into the Lander (Pilot is important)
- Deorbit not to rapid and landing on Mun (Note: the TWR is at begin 2.93)
- liberate the rover and mirror

(mirror with RCS control, before come out, open the MonoProp tank. Rover can just drive out)

- make your science experiments and check out the surface
- before fly back into orbit (at best with an rendezvous maneuver), set thrust from landing engine to 0. Press space button to activate the second engines and decouple from the landing module
- if you docked at Service Module, transfer the crew back on it and decouple the rest of the lander
- fly back to Kerbin and look for a aerobrake hight of ~30 Km