Falcon Heavy - Duna Return (Stock)

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Falcon Heavy - Duna/Ike Landing and Return [1.4.3]

  • Reach an Low Kerbin Orbit (~ 75 Km) and decouple the Lander. Turn the Rocket in retrograde Direction and decouple the Decoupler Connection to deorbiting it. Re-dock the Lander to Return Modul.
  • Burn the Escape Maneuver to leave Kerbin (in prograde Direction), BUT ONLY to ~83.000 Km! After this decouple the Mainstage, switch back to the Duna vessel and push a bit prograde, to really leave Kerbin now. Switch again to the Mainstage and…
  • Warp to Apoapsis and reduce the Periapsis for an impact Orbit (to destroy the Mainstage)
  • Please fly efficient to Duna and take through an aerobrake roughly at 23-25 Km. Your destination orbit height should be at 60-70 Km
  • Deorbit not to rapid (use max 100 m/s DeltaV), slow down with parachutes and use the engines to land
  • After landing accomplish you experiments, decouple the mystery goo container, if you want (=Abort) and landing tanks before start back into Orbit to Return Modul
  • If you are a good pilot, now you can travel and land on Ike, if not, decouple the landing stage from the lander and travel back to home
  • You can only fly directly into the Atmosphere, with the Command Pod! In full docked mode with R-Modul and Landing Stage, you have to circularize with a standard burning maneuver
  • Be sure that all Chutes repacked and land on Kerbin! (It´s possible that little things outside broken, if you touching the ground. For this it´s better to burn up your last Fuel before!)

After the testflight, my deltaV at Kerbin was about 1300m/s, also with landing on Ike and without mun swing by maneuver or something…


Thanks for watching and download!

I wish you an successfully flight!


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Note, this is a non-reuseable Version of Falcon Heavy! The Fuel for this is needed for the big Duna Trip and also it enables to use the 2,5m parts. Cause that, i think it´s better to collect Science and accomplish Missions of two Bodys, than rescue the relative cheap Boosters.


Made in Germany 2018


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