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long range missile boat (modded)

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Has two cannons mounted on an infernal robotics turret. 1 to rotate left, 2 to rotate right.  3 activates right cannon 4 activates left cannon



2 105 mm howitzers for line of sight attacks

8 maverick missiles for line of sight attacks with guidance for high accraucy

2 RBS-15 multi platform cruise missiles for long range attacking  (mounted UNDER the ship) and will fire normally as long as you set GPS coordinates first. Recommended that you use them for non line of sight and keep the cruise altitude low for ship to ship combat.

2 Harm missiles for medium range attacking of radar equipped targets




1 layer of 4x4 panels on the side+1 layer of 1x1 panels near the crew compartments. Im not sure if it helps, but it is angled at about 70* but it probably doesn't do anything.

1 layer of 4x4 on top of the missiles and 1 large delta wing under 1 layer of short I beams and 1x1 panels to its side.

1 layer of 1x1 panels on the captains pod because it is already a small target.

1 layer of overlapping 4x4,1x1 panels as the front Armour, and it is far away from the other pods, so the front Armour is the strongest.

no armour on the back engines, but they are submerged so they cannot be hit by missiles.




2 smoke cans to prevent laser locks



Holds 9 kerbals and can be controlled by using the sputnik pod in the center.

recommended that you use the sputnik pod to control anyway, because otherwise you will not be able to turn effectively.

 Mods used are BD's armory and Infernal Robotics

I checked it as a base because It has its own power and can hold 9 kerbals.