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Gilly's Flyin' Car Pack


*Some car(s) may potentially be classified aircraft.

This is a small bundle of cars built (stock) and tested in just a few hours, simply for the sake of building cars in KSP like good old times!



Ray: a sports hatchback.

-A-Spec: base trim; all-electric, 5 seats and 3 SEQ-3 Cargo Storage Units

-A-Spec RJ (RaceJet); Juno jet engine fitted, 4 seats and 2 SEQ-3 Cargo Storage Units

Terrier: a teensie, more kerbal scaled electric 4-seater sedan.

Typhoon: a heavy modification of the Terrier, with aero and a Juno jet engine.


And the main attraction:

Veloce: A fighter-jet turned hypercar (or maybe the other way around...?) built around a Mk1 cockpit.

General features:

-toggleable aero (action group 1)

-flight mode (action group 2, pitch activation for rear and front Elevons, normal direction deploy of side Elevons) (aircraft lights included!)

-functional brake lights

-Elevon airbrake function

-solar panels

-emergency parachutes


-Base: Radial intake, single Juno jet engine

-Mo-Hawk: Ramp intake, single Juno jet engine

-Presto: Ramp intake, dual Juno jet engines, upgraded rear aero/fins


Have fun!