Arrow Mk III-CX (Stock Concorde Clone)

This is a free-time recreation of the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde.

Variants: standard, longtail

The main criteria I followed while designing it were 1. visual accuracy and 2. effectiveness.

Stats (to compare to the real-life counterpart) (longtail trim):

-Passenger capacity: 112 passengers

-Optimal service altitude: ~10 000-15 000m

-Top speed: ~880 m/s = 3168 km/h = Mach 2,566

-6 Panther afterburning jet engines

-2 Whiplash Ramjets

-Max thrust: 1,29 MN = 131,54 tons

-Weight with standard fueling  (fuselage only) and 4 crew members: 154,36 t

-Weight with srandard fueling and filled with passengers: 164,89 t



-aircraft lights


-2 ladders per side (action group 2)

-afterburners on action group 1


Installation: paste the .craft files into your KerbalSpaceProgram\English\saves\[save name]\Ships\SPH folder.