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A rover thing that my brother gave me, however I completely re-modeled it with: more solar panels, better batteries, Better antennas, better decoration, maybe more but I forget, etc. The rover doesn't currently fit in any of the storage thingies, however works quite well on Kerbin but not very well in Eve orbit (don't ask). Pressing 1 extends all 4 solar panels at once, and pressing 2 deploys one of the antennas and transmits, then closing on its own. If I remember correctly, The is two extra antennas on it in case of emergencies. Unless you cheat, however you might do that without destroying it, the only use of it is really for surveying missions, If you attach science-gaining things onto it you could use it for getting science around Kerbin. I'm uploading MK15, since I upgraded MK1 before uploading it.