Blister 100

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This plane, from engine start up and throttle, reached the end of the runway in 20 seconds*, this is a real Hyper sonic jet just like the one I referenced, I am really loving this plane, this plane can reach sub orbital and also can reach the eastern continent in around 5 min

KSC to some land further out

"This concept of an aircraft that could fly at supersonic speeds over land is being used by researchers, especially at NASA’s Langley Research Center, to continue to test ideas on ways to reduce the level of sonic booms. Its technologies — the F-100-like propulsion system, a tail blister, and the overall shape — are combined to achieve a lower target perceived decibel level."

Reference Photo

Take note on detail of the craft I made like the engines


 *Disclaimer: These result are as of 1.0.4, though the new 1.0.5 reached 1000 ms-1 at 6,000 m

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