320 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 15, 2015 Game Version: 1.0.4

Hi all, 
I present to you a close replica (non-Stock) of the adeline ascent stage


You will need the following to use this craft;
-KAX (prop engines)
-Procedural Parts (kerbchem industries)
-Tweak scale
-There might be mods like firespitter that are required for KAX to work, I don't know so good luck

To fly this craft you must have used up the first stage of oxidiser to level out the centre of mass, after doing so and the craft is re-entering point nose to prograde and press SAS and turn brakes on, this can not turn too suddenly... Fly safe 

Because these are procedural parts you would need to make the first stage tank shorter to maintain TWR (thrust weight ratio) but this will reduce DELTA V. I also thought of using B9 Aerospace procedural parts (wings) but that meant an extra mod, so I think that 3 will be enough!


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