Adam's Stock International Space Station

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Adam's ISS:

I have attempted to make my ISS as close to the real one as possible using only stock parts.  The construction process is also the same excluding the use of robot arms that is.  To achieve this I am not only crafting all of the ISS's modules but I have also created a stock Space Shuttle, Proton Rocket, ATV, HTV, Soyuz, Progress, Dragon and Falcon 9 space crafts to go with this set.  Enjoy :)

Save Game:

Video Showcase:

Zarya, Unity & Space Shuttle Endeavour

Zvezda & a Soyuz:

Z1 Truss & P6 Truss:

Destiny Laboratory & Quest Airlock:

Pirs & Progress


S1-Truss and P1-Truss:

P4-Truss and S4-Truss:




S6 Truss:


Poisk and Tranquillity:


Adam's Original ISS:

My original ISS is still here if you would like to download this instead.  Even though it is not as good as my new version but it is simpler so it may be better for a novice player or someone who wants a version with less parts to improve frame rate. If you wish to download my original ISS you will need to look at the file history.

I'm a very visual kind of guy so figured the best way for me to explain how to assemble it would be stage by stage video hopefully they will give you all of the in game info you need but please do feel free to ask questions.

Stage 1 - Zarya:

Stage 2 - Unity:

Stage 3 - Zvezda:

Stage 4 - Soyuz:

Stage 5 - Z1 Truss:

Stage 6 - Destiny:

Stage 7 - Quest:

Stage 8 - Pirs:

Stage 9 - S0 Truss:

Stage 10 - Thermal Radiator Truss:

Stage 11 - Solar Array:

Stage 12 - Harmony and Columbus:

Stage 13 - Kibo:

Stage 14 - Tranquillity:

Stage 15 - Nauka:

For anyone not wanting to assemble it themselves I've also added my current save game file on another page.


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