Adam's Breaking Ground

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This Is the list of my premium stock craft files.  It's just like my pure stock replicas page but for these you will need the Making History and Breaking Ground DLCs for them to work as intended.

I am still adding some craft to pure stock replicas for those who do not own the DLCs 

Chandrayaan 2

This Indian space craft features an orbiter, lander and rover and is designed to be able to enter a polar munar orbit and land near the mun's poles.  The Vikram lander is attempting to land to the Moon as I'm typing this so it is a very good craft to start with.

Action groups

1 - Control from rover (Use once Rover has disembarked, not before).

2 - Extends legs and starts to unfold solar panel.

3 - Finish unfolding solar panel.

4 - Toggle additional landing engines on off.

5 - Toggle rover reaction wheel, use this if you need to self right the rover.

8 - Starts to unfold rover ramp

9 - Finish unfolding rover ramp

Hubble Space Telescope

Mankind's flagship observatory for 30 years and an inspiration to us all.  Hubble was launched onboard Space Shuttle Discovery STS-31 and was often revisited by the shuttle for servicing purposes.  I have tried to account for this so make sure to Download The Hubble Space Telescope and Space Shuttle EndeavourSTS-61

Action Groups

1- Opens Hanger Doors, use it as it also turns the lights on.

Run through 0 down to 6 to deploy Hubble

Make sure to un-auto strut the robotics on Hubble before you use them and only unlock one part of the Canadarm at a time and remember to put a Kerbal in Hubble for first person view.

More coming soon...



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