Adam's Stock Apollo 13

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017 Game Version: 1.2.2


Dec 20, 2017

Owner: GameplayReviewUK

Did you ever want to recreate the Apollo 13 mission or wonder what it would have been like if the mission would have been successful?  Well now's your chance with a stock replica of the Saturn V Apollo rocket now with exploding oxygen tank.  Just fly like you would any Saturn V but don't stir the tanks by hitting 5.

Action Groups

1 - Antennas, 2 - Landing Legs and Ladder, 3 - CM RCS, 4 - LM RCS, 5 - Explode Oxygen tanks hit once more to fix leak. (Leak is simulated with a hidden RCS thruster on K), 0 - Cut Drogue parachutes and Deploy main parachutes also Jettison launch escape tower during abort.

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