Adam's Missions to the Inner Solar System

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Mariner 2

It is a very simple craft to control, just note there is no rcs so you need to point and burn and there are no extra batteries so get those solar panels open asap.  Action group 1 deploys solar panels and

Action group 1:  Deploys solar panels and comms.

Venera 9

This craft is for people with a good handle on KSP, you need to do some tight manoeuvring and timing upon arriving at eve with little fuel to spare but it is very satisfying to get right.  Remember to open the parachutes as late as possible because you will want to land the lander before you can orbit burn with the orbiter and this will save valuable time, however, this isn't they only way to do it of course;)

Action Group 1: Deploys solar panels and comms

Action Group 0: Cuts second last parachute

Action Group 9: Cuts last parachute (Used in the real mission but suicide for this KSP stock version)

Mariner 10

First probe to visit Mercury

Action Group 1: Deploys solar panels and comms


First spacecraft to orbit Mercury

Action Group 1: Deploys solar panels and comms

Magellan with Space Shuttle

So even though I'd planned for the Shuttle to be treated as an expendable launch system for this craft file It turns out It's probably better than one that took me 4 days to make so some of you may want this file just for the Space shuttle.  The shuttle is the core part so just delete all of the gubbins inside the hanger bay and hey presto an easy to fly 100% Space Shuttle Replica too! With real SRB and RCS altitude control, no messing about. Watch the video to see how the amount of engine power used will control pitch ;) If you do plan to land the Shuttle I recommend using up all of the monopropellant first which will move the centre of mass forward.  If you want to use the shuttle for things like docking I suggest tweaking the RCS I haven't got around to balancing it yet.

The booster only helps a little when getting Magellan into Eve's orbit so keep in mind you will need to save a lot of monopropellant for this.

The left over hinge that stays in the shuttle often explodes when you go to bring the shuttle back to Kerbin or if you time accelerate after it is detached but I've just been ignoring it.

Action Group 1: Open/Close Space Shuttle Hanger

Action Group 2: Deploy Magellan solar panels and activate it's RCS

Venus Express

This craft has hidden Monopropellant tanks that are disabled.  To enabled them zoom so close that you can see inside the craft.




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