Tarsier Space Technology Continued...

80,428 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 23, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.1

Tarsier Space Technology is a set of parts with enhanced science capability.

Please read the ChangeLog and Install notes.


The original author of this mod @tobyb121 has given me full permission (back-dated to Jan 2015) to take over and continue to develop and maintain this mod given he simply no longer has the time to do so himself.
He has also given me complete permission to change the license agreement. Anyone wishing to see this permission can get in contact with me via Personal Message here on the forums.
The original content and Credit for this mod goes to tobyb121.

His original releases can be found here

Forum Thread link here

Source Code link here

If you like my mods and you want to show your support, then you can support me on Patreon:


  • Download ZIP file and un-zip into your KSP install Directory.
  • Optional: Requires Module Manager for KIS, KAS and Research bodies support (not in this distribution, use this link).

  • Optional: ToolBar by Blizzy for Toolbar Support, comes pre-configured for in-game AppLauncher Icon support.
  • KIS if you want to use it (optional).
  • ResearchBodies if you want to use it (optional). 

    CRITICAL When installing over older versions please DELETE the old TarsierSpaceTech folder from your GameData folder manually first.



  • ChemCam - Analyse the surface of planets by shooting them with lasers.
  • Space Telescopes - Peer deep into the solar system and now to distant galaxies
  • Science Hard Drive - Store science in hard drives to maximise your science points.



  • Analyse the surfaces of planets using a high powered laser
  • Uses biomes where available
  • Save your images to share on the forums!! (Now saves in camera size and Full Screen Size).
  • Fully integrated into the tech tree

Space Telescopes

  • Look deep into the Kerbol system (you can see to Eeloo and beyond from the comfort of a Kerbin orbit)!!
  • Science experiments depend on what you're actually looking at!! (I welcome suggestions on experiment results)
  • Target reticule to help find distant planets
  • Save your images to share on the forums!! (Now saves in camera size and Full Screen Size).
  • Servos for fine control (use I,J,K,L to look around)
  • Extra info displayed on what telescope is looking at
  • Can collect science from EVA and transfer to command pods
  • Two telescopes with different zoom capability integrated into the science tree
  • Look at distant galaxies and take photos of them for science
  • When you also install the ResearchBodies mod can be used as a Body Scanner (function of ResearchBodies) and taking pictures of bodies will add discovery points in the ResearchBodies Mod.

Science Storage Drives

  • Store science data on hard drives to maximise science value
  • Don't need to save up electricity to transmit data home
  • 2 great sizes: 120 Mits and 480 Mits
  • Kerbals can collect and STORE data from them in EVA
  • Support for KIS for the small SDD (this requires Module Manager to be installed).

 Vessel GUI

  •  View Tarsier Space Tech parts on Vessel.
  • Open/Close Cameras.
  • Move Pictures onto Vessel SDDs.
  • View stored Science on each part.
  • AppLauncher/Toolbar Icons and Menu only available if you have TST parts on the current active vessel.

Click for ChangeLog

    Fix ChemCam crashing the editor scene.
V6.6 "KSP 1.2.1 & ResearchBodies 1.9"
    Re-compile for KSP 1.2.1.
    Moved initializers out of ..ctor to avoid Unity messages.
    Eliminate NullRef errors on scene change for onGUI (was issuing two errors each time you switched scene).
    Support ResearchBodies 1.9.g if
V6.5 "KSP 1.2"
    Changes for KSP 1.2.
    Added a check to Contract generation to ensure the TST parts are actually loaded in-game (removes log spam if they aren't).
    Moved Some (*not all) settings to the new Stock Difficulty Settings Integration.
V6.4 "ResearchBodies 1.8"
    Compatible version for integration with ResearchBodies V1.8.
    Re-balanced price of Telescopes to take into account the cost of the ResearchBodies and Asteroid Day infrared telescopes.
    The small telescope now costs 10,000 (was 5,000) - entry price is still 5,000.
    The advanced telescope now costs 25,000 (was 10,000) - entry price is still 10,000.
V6.3 "More enhancements and KSP 1.1.3 Compatible." Added support for New Horizons Kopernicus planet mod.
Changed Reputation for contracts to be related to distance from home world, rather than the planet order from the Sun.
Added Biomes to Science Reputation/Science/Funds calculations for ChemCam (previously it only used the planet). The default values used to calculate contract Reputation/Science Funds for Telescope and ChemCam contracts are now loaded via the config.cfg file. These can be tweaked by changing these numbers (they are not available in game via GUI). NB: The numbers do not directly relate to what values you see in-game as there are formula used by KSP to calculate the funds, science and reputation for each contract. 
These values are the base numbers that feed into these formula.
The SDDs right click buttons have changed. There are now two buttons: "Move all science to Drive" - This is the old action as per previous versions and will move all science from science container parts to this drive (until it is full). "Move all experiments to Drive" - This is a new action and will only move experiment science data from parts that don't have a ScienceConverter (ScienceLab) and Command parts where crewcapacity > 0 to this drive (until it is full).  Added Screen messages indicating what science experiments are moved as part of a SDD move action. Fixed Integration settings for ResearchBodies mod to correct discovery messages for the galaxies and start-up parameters. (NB: ResearchBodies has not been updated for KSP 1.1.3) so will not work, and when it is released for KSP 1.1.3 TST will also need another update (as ResearchBodies is in the middle of a big re-write). Fixed bug in ChemCam Contract generation to Exclude Water Biomes. Kopernicus on-demand has been adjusted so the lag/issues with bodies going in and out of camera view should no longer occur. The KopernicusOnDemand.cfg file has been renamed to KopernicusOnDemand.cfg.optional (so it won't be active by default any more, but if you have lag issues you can rename it back in your install).  Just make sure you are running the latest Kopernicus version and you shouldn't need it. Fixes and re-compile for KSP 1.1.3 changes. - This version will only work on KSP 1.1.3 and up.
V6.2 "Kopernicus, Science & other Enhancements/Fixes"
Changed Telescope Cameras to now show the SkyBox and Atmosphere shading. Skybox zooms proportional to the Camera zoom (no more pixelated skybox).
Skybox Camera Zooming can be disabled completely by manually changing the Config.cfg file field ZoomSkyBox to False.Fixed scroll window in the TST settings menu.
Added Maximum number of ChemCam contracts setting to TST settings menu (was in config file, but not in in-game menu). - Only available in Career mode.
Added Restrict ChemCam Contracts setting to TST settings menu (was in config file, but not in in-game menu).- Only available in Career mode.
TST settings can now switch between ToolBar mod Icon and AppLauncher (Stock) Icon immediately without requiring a scene change.
TST settings will now recognise when ToolBar is removed and change to the Stock Icon by default.
More robust Science checking when taking pictures - capture failures and better logging in error situations.
Fixed Remote Tech integration - Requires V 1.7 and up of Remote Tech.
Sigma Binary internal Bodies (not the actual bodies) should no longer appear in the Targets list for the Telescopes.
Fixed Contracts system for when Kopernicus is installed but NOT OPM (will just use a list of the bodies in order to generate contracts).
Made sure ChemCam contracts won't generate for ANY Gas Giants, or for Water Biomes. (Removed Gas Giants from Config file, can now determine this in-game).
Fixed typo in Module Manager files for OPM and RSS science definitions.
Added KSPedia pages for TST.
Added ability to send science directly from the Space Telescopes, ChemCam and SSD's to an attached Science Lab.
Improved screen messages when moving and deleting science data.
Module Manager config file included to turn off Kopernicus OnDemand texture loading until a more permanent solution can be found.
Optional Module Manager config file included to convert DMagic Orbital Science (DMOS) Little Brother and Big Brother Surveillance Camera parts into TST Telescopes.
If activated these parts from DMOS will function as both TST Telescopes and DMOS Surveillance Camera's.
This file is supplied de-activated. To activate, remove the ".optional" from the end of the filename of the file /GameData/TarsierSpaceTech/DmagicOrbitalScienceScopes.cfg.optional.
V6.1 "Bug Fixes"
Compiled against KSP 1.1.2.
Fixed potential issue with ToolTip log spam.
Fixed V6.0 bug where gas planets and the sun were eligible for ChemCam contracts.

KSP 1.1 "Turbo Charged Edition" - Release for the full release of KSP 1.1.
This version is NOT backwardly compatible with KSP 1.0.5 or earlier versions. If you are still using KSP 1.0.5 download V5.9 of TST.
This version has NOT been tested and does not work with ResearchBodies mod (as that mod has to be updated to KSP 1.1 first).
Fixed the Settings Menu settings for the Telescope large GUI size.
Added new Editor search tags: 'tarsier tst advanced telescope science'
Fixed TST AppLauncher Icon appearing in map view even when active vessel has no TST parts.    
Fixed error on start-up for integration with Kopernicus mod.
Fixed KIS/KAS support for the small Science Drive.
Massive re-factor of the code base for future ease of maintenace support and preparations for KSP 1.1 (THIS DOES NOT mean TST is ready for KSP 1.1).	
Added additional Space Telescope part config file parameters for future integration with other telescopes (like DMagic's Orbital Science).
Fixed the TST icon showing sometimes when it shouldn't (Tracking Station, In Flight Map mode, when active vessel has no TST parts on it).
There is now a Settings menu available from the SpaceCenter so you don't have to edit the config file directly.
Settings you can change:
If you try to make any of these settings larger than your screen size TST will automatically cap it. If you set it too small, bad luck, change it back to a larger value.
The size of the ChemCam camera window for both small and large size setting (in pixels).
The size of the Telescope's camera window for both small and large size setting (in pixels).
"Use Stock App Icon" - if ON will use the Stock App Icon AppLauncher button, if Off will use Blizzy's toolbar. 
(requires you to change scene for this setting to take effect, eg: go to Editor, Flight, TrackingCentre, etc).
"Debug Logging ON" - This will turn debugging messages in your output log ON or OFF. Leave it OFF (As it causes performace issues) unless you are having some problems with TST, then turning it on and capturing your log and sending to me greatly helps me to help you.
ToolTips - Yes the GUI windows now have Tooltips - you can turn them on and off here.
Added support for ResearchBodies mod (MUST HAVE ResearchBodies V1.6 or above). 
If ResearchBodies mod is installed then:-   
Telescope and ChemCam contracts will NOT generate for bodies that have yet to be discovered.    If you take a picture with a Telescope of a body that is yet to be discovered AND transmit/recovery it, it will become discovered.     Subsequent pictures taken and transmitted/recovered of a already discovered body will add 20 research to that body.    The TST Telescopes act the same as the ResearchBodies telescope, IE:they have the Research button in their right click menu and will discover bodies they are pointed at in the same way as the ResearchBodies telescope does.    The TST GUI camera-window "Show Bodies" list will NOT show un-discovered bodies or galaxies.
V5.7 Completing TST telescope picture contracts will no longer register in a career game as having Reached that body. This was interfering with KSP generating the default 
flyby and explore contracts for the bodies.
V5.6 Updated for KSP 1.0.5 including adding support for new Science transmission failure feature to put science back into telescopes and chemcam and drives when transmissions fail. This version is ONLY compatible with KSP 1.0.5. If you are still using older versions of KSP please use TST v5.5. 
V5.5 Amended support for Distant Object Enhancement mod and Remote Tech mod so that TST no longer is bound to a specific version of these mods. From now on TST should work with any version of DOE and RT. Reminder: DOE support for flares should now work. RemoteTech : TST parts and menu only works if you have local control or active connect for a vessel. Added Science Defs for Real Solar System and Outer Planets Mods. Science defs and contracts as well as all of TST should now fully support RSS and OPM. NB: To use the science defs for RSS and OPM you MUST have Module Manager mod installed. ChemCam contracts will now only offer/allow up to x active or offerred contracts (before was unlimited). x by default is 3. You can change this in the Config.cfg file field "maxChemCamContracts". ChemCam contracts will now only be offered for bodies you have already photographed using a Telescope by default. You can change this in the Config.cfg file field "photoOnlyChemCamContracts". Externalised lists of bodies and galaxies now in the config.cfg settings file, these lists determine the order (and if) a Telescope/ChemCam contract will be offerred. The TSTGasPlanets node in the config file is a list of gas planets that are excluded from all ChemCam contracts, Can't land on a gas planet can we! The TSTStockPlanetOrder node is the valid and order of bodies and galaxies contracts will be offerred for Telescope contracts. For ChemCam contracts a random body is selected from this list based on the prestige level you have already completed a ChemCam contract for (As per previous comment about prestige levels for ChemCam contracts). The TSTRSSPlanetOrder node is the list used if you have Real Solar System mod installed (ignored if it is not installed), operates the same as the TSTStockPlanetOrder list described above. The TSTOPMPlanetOrder node is the list used if you have Outer Planets mod installed (ignored if it is not installed), operates the same as the TSTStockPlanetOrder list described above. V5.4.1 Support for KSP 1.0.4. Attempting the impossible to improve the camera wobble in a 32bit Game engine where floating point errors are inevitable and a losing battle with what is called 'spatial jitter'. Have added Gyroscopic ReactionWheels to the Space Telescope parts. Have added a Button in the TST menu labeled "F/T" that appears to each space telescope. Pressing this button will bring up a fine tuning window that allows you to: Fine tune the Gyroscopic ReactionWheels "Sensitivity" (default=1) and "Powerscale" (default=0.10 torque) using sliders. Have added fine tuning of the SAS PID controller "KP (default=12), KI (default=6), KD (default=0.5)" values through three sliders on the same window. If you don't know how a PID controller works or these values you can start reading up here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller V5.4 Support for KSP 1.0.3. Also, KSP 1.0.3 stock fixes for camera and orbit wobbles seems to have improved the camera wobbles (but still not perfect). V5.3 Fixed GUI issue with some mods like Critical Temperature Gauges. ToolBar and Stock AppLauncher buttons/icons and the GUI will now only appear if you have TST parts attached to the active vessel. Now compatible with Kopernicus MOD and it's config mods. Saved Camera pictures now saved in two sizes (the camera window size, AND Full Screen sized). Can also now save pictures from the ChemCam part (previously only telescopes could save pictures). Fixed misc screen messages in relation to collecting science and taking pictures. V5.2 Added check for local control when using Remote Tech (as well as antenna control from V5.1). V5.1 Remote Tech support for new GUI window. Now if no connection you cannot open/close cameras, view science or move science to SDDs. Re-sized the new GUI window to make it a bit bigger. This version will not break save games from version 5.0. V5.0 Added Menu (GUI) that can be opened/closed via the stock AppLauncher or Toolbar by Blizzy. Menu shows telescopes, chemcams and SDDs on vessel. Allows you to open/close cameras, Camera GUI, fill SDDs and view science directly from the GUI. Added Menu items to camera screen to view Celestial Bodies (just like the Galaxy list) so you can set camera target from the list. Added Action Group support for open/close cameras and fill SDDs. Added Distant Object Enhancement mod support. Added a Config file with the following Settings:- FwindowPosX,Y - X and Y position for the new GUI window. CwindowPosX,Y - X and Y position for the Telescopes/ChemCam Camera GUI window. GalwindowPosX,Y - X and Y position for the Galaxy list window. BodwindowPosX,Y - X and Y position for the Celestial Bodies list window. ChemwinSml, Lge - ChemCam Window Size in pixels for both small and large window. (can now toggle small and large windows for the ChemCam just like the Telescope camera GUI). TelewinSml, Lge - Same as the ChemCam Window size but this is for the telescope camera GUI. UseAppLauncher = true / false - if True uses the in-game Application Launcher buttons for the new Menu GUI. If set to false, will use Toolbar by Blizzy (optional separate mod install). debugging = False / True - Turns on/off Log Spam for debugging purposes.s v4.7 Added KAS and KIS support for the small HDD(SDD) - Requires Module Manager to be installed. Can now STORE science data into SDDs via EVA. Reminder Warning: Storing and removing science data from SDDs lose some science value each time (data corruption feature). Drive Capacity for SDDs upped to 120mits (about 4 pictures) and 480mits (about 16 pictures). Re-balance max temperatures of parts. The Small Telescope now only returns 80% of max science value for pictures of planetoids and 50% of max science value for pictures of galaxies. The Large Telescope returns Full science value. Added Science descriptions for the Galaxies. Added lab boost to Science gathered - science can now be boosted in the Mobile Lab. Added KSP-AVC support. Converted all PNGs to DDS files now supported in KSP 1.0.x. v4.6: Compat. with KSP V1.0.0. Rebalanced all parts costs and to new Tech Tree. nerfed Small telescope range. Fixes for contract spamming and you now need the Large telescope Tech for the Galaxy contracts. v4.5d: Fixed for 0.90 Compatibility v4.5c: Fixed recovery of science data from TST parts v4.5b: Fixed build script that messed up 4.5a release v4.5a: Fix for null reference error on first load v4.5: Galaxies added for the telescope, allows you to search for and collect science for distant galaxies and nebulae v4.4: Fixes issues where ChemCam and Telescope input callbacks were not transferred to the new vessel when undocked. v4.0: Introduces the contracts system, custom contracts for the ChemCam and Telescopes




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