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Tarsier Space Technology is a set of parts with enhanced science capability.

Please read the ChangeLog and Install notes.


The original author of this mod @tobyb121 has given me full permission (back-dated to Jan 2015) to take over and continue to develop and maintain this mod given he simply no longer has the time to do so himself.
He has also given me complete permission to change the license agreement. Anyone wishing to see this permission can get in contact with me via Personal Message here on the forums.
The original content and Credit for this mod goes to tobyb121.

His original releases can be found here

Forum Thread link here

Source Code link here

If you like my mods and you want to show your support, then you can support me on Patreon:


  • Download ZIP file and un-zip into your KSP install Directory.
  • Optional: Requires Module Manager for KIS, KAS and Research bodies support (not in this distribution, use this link).

  • Optional: ToolBar by Blizzy for Toolbar Support, comes pre-configured for in-game AppLauncher Icon support.
  • KIS if you want to use it (optional).
  • ResearchBodies if you want to use it (optional). 

    CRITICAL When installing over older versions please DELETE the old TarsierSpaceTech folder from your GameData folder manually first.



  • ChemCam - Analyse the surface of planets by shooting them with lasers.
  • Space Telescopes - Peer deep into the solar system and now to distant galaxies
  • Science Hard Drive - Store science in hard drives to maximise your science points.



  • Analyse the surfaces of planets using a high powered laser
  • Uses biomes where available
  • Save your images to share on the forums!! (Now saves in camera size and Full Screen Size).
  • Fully integrated into the tech tree

Space Telescopes

  • Look deep into the Kerbol system (you can see to Eeloo and beyond from the comfort of a Kerbin orbit)!!
  • Science experiments depend on what you're actually looking at!! (I welcome suggestions on experiment results)
  • Target reticule to help find distant planets
  • Save your images to share on the forums!! (Now saves in camera size and Full Screen Size).
  • Servos for fine control (use I,J,K,L to look around)
  • Extra info displayed on what telescope is looking at
  • Can collect science from EVA and transfer to command pods
  • Two telescopes with different zoom capability integrated into the science tree
  • Look at distant galaxies and take photos of them for science
  • When you also install the ResearchBodies mod can be used as a Body Scanner (function of ResearchBodies) and taking pictures of bodies will add discovery points in the ResearchBodies Mod.

Science Storage Drives

  • Store science data on hard drives to maximise science value
  • Don't need to save up electricity to transmit data home
  • 2 great sizes: 120 Mits and 480 Mits
  • Kerbals can collect and STORE data from them in EVA
  • Support for KIS for the small SDD (this requires Module Manager to be installed).

 Vessel GUI

  •  View Tarsier Space Tech parts on Vessel.
  • Open/Close Cameras.
  • Move Pictures onto Vessel SDDs.
  • View stored Science on each part.
  • AppLauncher/Toolbar Icons and Menu only available if you have TST parts on the current active vessel.