SpaceY Heavy Lifters Parts Pack

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SpaceY Heavy-Lifter Parts Pack


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 Design Goals:

  • Maintain a "pretty", but still mostly stock-alike appearance. While KW goes a long way toward realism, we want to have a smaller pack that blends nicely with stock, and other stock-alike packs.
  • While extending the stock game, try to maintain a gameplay balance with stock.
  • And do so while adding:
    • Another layer of large rocketry, beyond the 3.75m ARM/NASA update that was added in KSP 0.23.5. Specifically, 5m parts.
    • Large SRB options with high thrust and shorter burn times than the NASA/ARM SRB.
    • Large rocketry utilities-- Big radial decouplers with thrusters built in, larger sepratron, etc.
Contains several unusual or unique features, including some "firsts":
  • Engines with multiple sized fairings, or with conical fairings.
  • Engine clusters with mode-switching for activating/deactivating nozzle groups.
  • Rocket-assisted radial decouplers.
  • Stack size adapters with multiple target diameters (adaptive shrouds).
  • Docking ports with guide-lights.
  • Fuel tanks with automatic shrouds.
  • Thrust plates and adapters with fairings.
  • "Petal" cargo bay.


SpaceY Lifters is a parts pack that is intended to extend the stock line-up of parts for lifting heavy payloads to orbit, by providing a similar update to the NASA/ARM pack from 0.23.5, in the next size up.

It provides a range of 5m fuel tanks and engines, a fueled 3.75m nose-cone, both "stack" and "radial" decouplers, a fueled size adapter, and a range of powerful SRBs.

The name is a play on "SpaceX" in the real world, but also has the amusing double connotations of being "spacey", and also "Space, why?" -- Because it's there!

All of the models and textures were made 100% from scratch, using Blender, Photoshop, and Unity.



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