Nehemia Engineering Orbital Science

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This is really a collection of several mods written by Nehemiah (N3h3miah) which all have a common theme - orbital experiments.

Originally called "Orbital Material Science", the collection is really much more than that nowadays. This release is the complete bundle, for individual component downloads please see the GitHub Releases page.

There are 3 major components:

Kemini - Gemini-inspired in-capsule science experiments

Inspired by the Gemini program science experiments, these are for the early career mode play suitable for the Mk1 and similar command pods.

KEES - Kerbal Environmental Effects Study

A set of experiments inspired by a set of exposure experiments deployed on the Russian MIR station.

This set of experiments uses an external carrier (which must be attached in-orbit using KIS) onto which exposure experiments can be loaded (again using KIS). It is intended to be attached to a small orbital station with different experiments launched and installed over time.

Components can be brought to orbit using either a special carrier included in the mod, or standard KIS containers.

OSS - Orbital Station Science

Inspired by experiments run on the ISS, this set of experiments is the most ambitious, requiring various stages to complete and is intended for large, long-duration orbital complexes.

First, an orbital Lab must be launched. There are three labs, an MPL-600, MSL-1000, and MEP-825. Each lab (except for the MEP-825) needs to have lab equipment installed in it (which must be launched separately) before experiments can be installed and run. Lab equipment is specific to a lab, and experiments are specific to lab equipment - so ensure you have the correct equipment before launching experiments!

Some experiments also require Kerbals to experiment on, so ensure you bring enough ~~victims~~ subjects along!

Each component can be downloaded and installed separately, or the entire collection can be downloaded as one mod.



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