KSP Achievements

5,556 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018 Game Version: 1.2-prerelease

This plugin was formally known as Blizzy's Achievements and is a continuation of that plugin with Blizzy's Consent and permission. As requested license information has remained the same.

This plugin brings Kerbal Space Program a Steam Like Achievement System. Currently as of this release there are about 145 Achievements in the following categories.


Current Forum For KSP Achievements


  • 145 Total Achievements supported in game
  • Window shows completed achievements and ones you still have to work on
  • Chime and onscreen announcements of your achievements.


145 Achievements in the following categories.

  • Crew Operations
  • General Flight
  • Ground Operations
  • Landing
  • Research and Development
  • Space Flight
  • Contracts
  • Funds
  • Reputation

This plugin uses Blizzy's Tool bar. The tool bar icon takes you to the Achievements window. This window shows you every single achievement available to you in the game. Achievements tracks your progress through the game and notifies you with a little chime and onscreen prompt when you accomplish one of the Achievements.. The Achievement window updates and shows you what you have accomplished and ones you still have to work on.

As I Learn more about how blizzy wrote the code for Achievements I will add many more Achievements to the system. As of this version I added the new contracts, funds, and reputation achievements. As I dig deeper into the code I will update and add more interesting things as time goes on.

All Achievements are saved to your Persistent file, and its recommended that you delete any old Achievement folder before updating to a new version. You will not lose your Achievements if you do this.

How to Install.

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Open the zip file with your choice of Program like 7Zip or others.
  3. Inside zip file find a folder called GameDat. Place the folder in your C:\kerbal directory.
  4. Play Kerbal space program and enjjoy.


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