Heidon Mod

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Explore Heidon, the hot giant. Heidon once orbited between Jool and Sarnus, but an encounter with those planets threw it into the inner solar system. Now, it orbits closer than Moho. Explore its three moons: Jakis, Mevron, and Bulldur. And gase at its iconic rings!


Kirus is another gas-planet. The purple belt is one of its more iconic features. It has 3 moons: Valeon, Hydros, and Vetrum. Hydros is a water planet. Valeon is a small moon that is NOT HOME TO ANY EASTER EGGS OR EASTER BUNNIES! Finally, Vetrum is a weird object, thought to be similar to Hydros, only, it has no oceans.


you can find Kopernicus here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/140580-122-kopernicus-release-3-february-2/


This mod was co-developed with AR3S_TGL.

Special Thanks to the creators of Kopernicus, Ice Giant, and Hypercosmic for you suggestions for this mod.




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