UranianBlue's Interstellar Planets and Parts

3,744 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.3.1

Shortly after the launch of the Campbell Space Telescope, the Kerbals discovered planets around the nearest stars: Delta Cyclonus and Sigma Kaurus. They found two solar systems and began plans to explore them, creating the first interstellar vessels.


This mod requires Kopernicus.


Star System Lists:


           Delta Cyclonus (star):

                   Magmus (Exo-Eve)

                   Qwerty    (Exo-Kerbin):

                           Segway (Exo-Mun)

                           Arval (Exo-Mun)


                    Tragon (Exo-Duna)

                    Yirga     (Exo-Jool):

                           Weltron (Exo-Mun)

                           Oblon    (Exo-Duna)


             Sigma Kaurus  (star):

                    Pyros (hot-Jool):

                            Jager (hot-Mun)

                    Itron (Exo-Kerbin):

                            Chalk  (Exo-Mun)

                            Exor    (Exo-Mun)

                    Gigantus (brown-Dwarf)


Install instructions:


          #1: Install Kopernicus, if not already done.

          #2: Find the GameData folder for your copy of KSP.

          #3: Extract all files from your download. Obtain the folder entitled "UBPP."

          #4: Move the UBPP folder to your GameData folder.

          #5: Enjoy.


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