Custom Asteroids

14,751 Downloads Last Updated: May 12, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.1

Tired of asteroids hitting Kerbin every other month? Bored with your 10th identical playthrough of an asteroid redirect mission? Want bigger Δv challenges?

Custom Asteroids is a rework of the stock asteroid system. Just install the mod, load up a save game, and any newly spawned asteroids will appear in locations around the solar system, including an asteroid belt, a more varied near-Kerbin asteroid population, and cometary orbits (ice and tails not supported at present, sorry). No in-game configuration necessary once the included asteroid packs are installed, although nearly everything can be configured.


  • (Optional) new spawn system that lets asteroids appear gradually over time, instead of any time there are no untracked asteroids. For players who prefer the stock spawner, set Spawner = Stock in the options file.
  • Modular config files let you pick and choose asteroid packs, or write your own.
  • Asteroids may appear in any number of groups, or on stock-like Kerbin intercept trajectories. All orbital elements and spawn rates are customizable. Asteroids may even be placed around planets or moons.
  • Asteroids come in five classes: Stony, Metallic, Carbonaceous, Icy-Organic, and Comet. Different classes have different resource content (need 3rd-party mods to take advantage) and different science flavor text.
  • Supports update monitoring through KSP-AVC and CKAN.

Planned features

  • Distinct models/textures for each asteroid class.
  • Control of asteroid size per group.
  • An asteroid discovery API for 3rd party modders (e.g., telescope mods).

Known Issues

  • There is currently no way to determine the asteroid class from the tracking station or during approach, though it will be displayed in the right-click menu once you're attached.
  • Does not interact with Kopernicus -- if you install both, you'll have two completely independent asteroid systems.


Custom Asteroids started with some proof-of-concept code by xEvilReeperx for placing asteroids in specific orbits. I am eternally grateful for their help, as otherwise this mod would not exist. Many thanks to Thomas P. for improving the original method.

Custom Asteroids was inspired by Trueborn's Custom Biomes and rbray89's Visual Enhancements, and follows a similar "customize everything" philosophy. While Custom Biomes is now defunct, I still recommend Visual Enhancements.